Review of Season 1 Episode 5 of “The Law According to Lidia Poet”

In The Law’s fifth episode, a woman performs a dance at a party while being surrounded by masked individuals. based on Lidia Poet. Achille Castelnuovo receives a warning from the ghost. In the morning, Lidia approaches Jacopo head-on, but she is troubled by the guns.

Jacopo explains that he is selling the pistols on her behalf because his friend needs money. Lidia considers her family to be in danger, thus she feels threatened. In retaliation, he screams and labels her as lonely. Margherita is present when Lidia visits the prison. Her appearance is unexpected because none of the other accused perps have been brought back in subsequent episodes. She introduces Azzurra, her subsequent client, to Lidia.

She is accused of killing one of her customers. She identifies herself as an escort and says she uses a Mickey Finn to put her customers to sleep. She took the client’s dead body, along with a watch and some cash. Achille Castelnuovo is the man’s name. As usual, Enrico does not believe she is innocent.

Achille built a synagogue, secured a contract with the telephone company, and then a prostitute kills him. There is a discrepancy in the data. Marianna is seated at the table but appears preoccupied. Teresa is anxiously glancing in her direction. Enrico responds that the synagogue’s construction has halted and that Massimo Chiaia’s kind nature is why he was chosen for the contract.

The Law According to Lidia Poet

The ball’s day has arrived. Teresa and Enrico are both aware of Lorenzo and have disregarded him. Marianna storms from the table in annoyance. Teresa asks Lidia to explain to Marianna. Three years ago, Guiditta Ancelli, Achille’s sister-in-law, attempted to murder him. She said Achille killed his wife or his sister.

She meets Lidia in a mental health facility. Guiditta claims that because she killed Achille, she is aware of his death. Lidia can’t believe it. Guiditta responds by pointing at the young male attendant in response to her question about how. In return for certain favors, he allows her out at night. She then claims, however, that she is incapable of killing someone.

Guiditta then knows who killed him. She might simply be insane after all. Andrea agrees to take Lidia to the party that Massimo is holding because he has done business with him. If Marianna wants to be with Lorenzo, Lidia advises her to treat her parents with more respect and follow their guidance for the time being. The party that we witnessed in the episode’s opening minutes is attended by Andrea and Lidia. She runs into Massimo. He claims, though, that he was not close with Achille. For Massimo, who rose from the bottom to the top, the dead man’s excessive entitlement was a deal-breaker.

The Law According to Lidia Poet

Lidia learns about the woman from Andrea’s description of her. Madame Crespal is the woman who says she can communicate with ghosts. That evening, she called Achille’s wife, who forewarned her husband. She meets Lidia. According to Crespal, the wife’s spirit chose to travel through her; she was not called by the wife. Crespal complies when Lidia urges her to repeat the action. When Lidia discusses the meeting, Enrico is not pleased. Jacopo agrees with her point of view. Lidia is accompanied by Enrico to Crespal.

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Lidia coerces him into participating even if he doesn’t want to. The glass starts to move as the scene gets underway. Father to Lidia is the spirit. He claims to have pardoned Lidia. She sobs and interrupts the sentence. Even her nose is bleeding, as can be seen. Andrea admits to his buddies that he has not informed Lidia of his impending departure for America in the next ten days. He also acknowledges their romantic relationship, but Lidia rejects him. Crespal’s performance does not sway Lidia. She believes that Crespal was recruited by someone to threaten Achille after reading about ventriloquism in a book.

Marianna has since vanished from the home. Her parents scramble to search the neighborhood for her. Lidia receives a visit from Andrea informing her that Marianna has joined him at his hotel. The young youngster hugs her aunt and claims that she is not as brave as Lidia since she was terrified. But, Lidia shares her own experience and explains why she left her home and did not want to go back. To discuss Lorenzo with Enrico, she requests Marianna’s help. Jacopo is with Maya, the young lady from episode 1 who was in the bathtub. However, it appears that he is preoccupied.

Lidia gets a thought about how to persuade Enrico about the case while speaking with Marianna. Lidia visits Crespal and talks to her about Sangilles. Crespal stands her ground. Lidia speculates, however, that Massimo requested her to terrorize Achille because he did not want to split the earnings with him. Lidia pulls another lie when she claims that Guiditta saw Massimo that evening. After she goes, Crespal is anxious. That evening, Massimo pays Guiditta a visit. She entices him inside, and Lidia greets him there. She claims Massimo murdered Achille. Massimo tries to assassinate her when she asks for the job. Enrico then shows up with the cops after he is certain there is nobody else in the room.

Massimo is put in jail. Lidia receives a note from Crespal referring to her as the princess her father used to refer to her as. Lidia, though, rejects it as untrue and moves on. When Enrico realizes he hasn’t submitted his appeal yet, he shows up in court. Jacopo opens up about Nicole and declares her love for Lidia. Jacopo begins kissing her before she has a chance to ask him anything else. He is, however, called away for a critical matter. He finds the police waiting for him outside, and he is taken into custody for murder.

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The Episode Review

Lidia appears to have put her father’s unresolved difficulties behind her at last. The creators cleverly exploited Marianna’s character to give viewers a glimpse of Lidia’s past via the lens of the present. The episode’s ending, in which Jacopo is detained and Lidia fights to have him cleared, generated a lot of discussions. Nicole, is she dead? Or is that Maya he most recently saw?

Since the very beginning, the relationship between Jacopo and Lidia has been ambiguous. It appears that she is unsure about her feelings toward Jacopo. Despite his obvious baggage, he is making an effort to move on. If Lidia’s appeal is successful will also be made clear in the conclusion. Lidia will undoubtedly be keeping a close eye on Marianna’s important conversation with her parents.

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