Review of “Vengeance Is My Name,” Episode 2 of Season 1 of “Copenhagen Cowboy”

The second episode of Copenhagen Cowboy opens with a somber atmosphere in the club. Given that we know she was choked to death, Simona is no longer with us, and Andre is unhappy. He asks the girls what occurred, but none of them appear to be able to answer. One of the girls comes up and accuses Miu of being to blame as Andre threatens to sever one of the girls’ hands with an axe. She accuses Miu of instilling thoughts in her.

Miu, meanwhile, observes Rosella’s niece making friends with a man named Dardan in a diner. She swears not to tell Rosella about their liaison. Rosella is with her mystic when Miu returns to the house and emerges from the basement with the appearance of being ready to meet her. To protect themselves from Miu, whom they describe as a “monster from the cellar,” the two wear glasses.

The psychic goes on to say that Miu doesn’t bring luck; rather, her blood is connected to it. Evidently, Miu is the owner of the blood, and she later refers to Miu as a blackbird, a bird that brings ruin rather than joy.

Sven is told to keep a watch on Miu to make sure she doesn’t flee by Rosella, who then grabs her shotgun. Regards to Rosella, she appears at Andre’s club to get rid of her. He rejects her decision to give him Miu. Until Rosella reveals that Miu is a virgin, that is. He proposes an 80/20 division.

Copenhagen Cowboy – Season 1 Episode 2

While Sven is being picked up by Andre’s men, Rosella beats him on all fours, calls him a pig, and says he slept with Miu. He vigorously shakes his head, but Rosella doesn’t think he’s telling the truth.

After being compelled to recite a series of assertions in front of a screen at the club, Miu notices that Dardan is actually meeting Andre’s daughter behind his back. Andre interviews his daughter in private while bringing her into the club. She doesn’t dispute it, and she even vows to ruin Miu entirely the next time they cross paths. Andre brings Dardan into the room since it appears that the two are in a romantic relationship. He makes the decision that the two will get married, and Dardan is compelled to create a guest list. Oh, and he will also bear the cost on his own.

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When the image of Miu is made public and distributed, Nicklas, the assassin of Simona, notices it. As he closes in on the image of her, the scene shifts back to the club, where Miu grabs a pair of scissors and, together with a number of other women, beats the security guard before taking off.

When Miu comes across the Dragon Palace Chinese restaurant, she chooses to wait there. Mother Hulda, the proprietor, informs her that the kitchen is closed despite her silence. An old man named Arne is urged to abandon the slot machine. Miu is also instructed to leave because they have closed. A pregnant girl rushes up to the front door and begs Mother Hulda for assistance as she leaves the building. Miu hears the owner feeding the pigs in the back and approaches her to let her know she’s needed.

As Hulda helps the girl gives birth in the back, Miu prowls the area. Miu is instructed to go get some towels as she is still there. When the baby is stillborn, Miu hugs it and blows on her face while clinging to its hand. The kid wakes up out of nowhere and starts wailing. Astounded is Hulda.

When Miu ultimately requests a place to stay, she is given the option of room number 11. Miu returns to Rosella’s room in the middle of the night to find her bound to the bed by her wrists. Miu says she was 7 years old when she was abducted by aliens when Rosella awakens. Miu exclaims, “Everything will burn in 30 seconds,” as she ignites a match and sets the house on fire.

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The Episode Review

Even though this episode’s ending seems to suggest that things might actually pick up after Miu destroys Rosella’s home, the plodding pace persists. It is debatable whether the term “aliens” used here refers to actual extraterrestrials or to the degrading epithet people use to describe immigrants.

Although this dreamy, surreal arthouse concept is undoubtedly original, a good concert isn’t always a guarantee. When it comes to the plot, Miu is basically quiet, we know very little about her, and the supporting characters range from being weak and underdeveloped to being generally unlikeable.

It has a lot of potentials to get better in the future, but we’ll have to wait and see if it does or not.


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