Season 2 Episode 3 of Fantasy Island: A Recap and Review?

Ruby and Elena begin Fantasy Island season two episode 3 by getting ready to welcome new visitors. Ruby makes fun of Elena’s relationship with Javier and exhorts her to make a risky decision by thinking about getting married. She extols the virtues of marriage.

Dutch and Dolly are bickering with one another as they exit the plane. Ruby is informed by Elena that the Palmers are celebrating their anniversary by visiting the Island.

Dolly and Dutch both appear to be having second thoughts about their choice to wed young. They anticipate that the Island will aid them in deciding whether they should continue to be married or part ways now that their children are adults.

They are told by Elena that they will be sharing rooms while they are on the island. They agree that it makes logical, yet they argue as they walk away.

Javier gives Helene a stuffed flamingo as a gift but shortly recognizes that he made a mistake because he assumed it was a kid’s toy. Helene calls the flamingo Dave and promises him that everything will be fine.

The Paymers enter their own rooms. Dutch is meticulously organizing his clothes and medications whereas Dolly is carefree and loosely arranges her possessions. In order to retrieve Dutch’s wedding band, Ruby goes to his chamber, and Elena does the same for Dolly.

Javier approaches Ruby to ask for parenting tips. To better understand what his daughter needs from him, he asks her to play the role of a friend to Helene. After being removed by housekeeping from her room, Ruby discovers Helene at the pool.

Fantasy Island Season 2 Episode 3

In the meantime, Dutch overindulges at the bar and dislodges himself. Dolly rushes to his side and enquires about his identity. They strike up a conversation after realizing they are both recently divorced strangers. Dutch and Dolly walk and talk till dawn, realizing they have a lot in common. They finally kiss each other.

Javier and Elena spend a nice evening together eating dessert and talking about Javier’s new role as a father.

When Dutch and Dolly see Elena, they tell her they are getting married. Elena cautions them against repeating the mistakes of their first marriages and wants them to learn from them. But they assert that they are prepared and that they are familiar enough with one another. Elena consents to host the nuptials.

Fantasy Island Season 2

In order to help her with the Paymers’ wedding preparations, Ruby begs Helene for help. She tries to engage Helene in conversation by discussing issues relevant to young people, but Helene recognizes her ruse. When Ruby eventually admits her true age, Helene promises to assist her in adjusting to her new stage of life.

Ruby’s connection with Gina, Javier, and Elena, and other peculiar aspects of the Island are discussed as the two of them take a bottle from the bar and go for a stroll. Concerned about having a father like Javier and missing her mother, Helene confides in Ruby her worries. Ruby exhorts her to give Javier a chance and work on their connection as well.

Dolly and Dutch’s wedding is officiated by Elena. Their memories of one another resurface as soon as they trade rings. They accuse Elena of playing mind games with them. Elena disputes this and leads the group to a jungle where Andy Richter moderates a game show based on their romance.

The Palmers are put to the test on the game show on their interpersonal knowledge. They fall into quicksand if they provide the wrong replies. Dutch eventually admits he wants to end their marriage as the couple learns they haven’t been communicating well.

After witnessing this, Elena expresses to Javier her concerns about future behaviors that can eventually drive him mad. Javier notices her cues, and they both say they can envisage a future together.

Dolly sneaks into Dutch’s room after learning that he wants to end their marriage. She locates his medication and asks how he is doing. They discuss Dutch’s heart condition and Dolly’s financial decision to pay for a poetry writing retreat while out for a stroll. They openly acknowledge their love for one another and their mutual need for understanding.

A text message for both of them interrupts a lovely moment that Elena and Javier are having. They come across Ruby and Helene unconscious on the sand, with Elena bringing Ruby home and Javier tending to Helene’s hangover.

She cuddles a plush flamingo and nods off as he listens to her needs, giving her medicine and a place to rest nearby in case of further illness. Assuring her that he will be there for her if she needs help, he sinks into a nearby chair. She says, “Thanks, Dad,” in a tired voice. She says something that surprises him, and he texts Elena in amazement.

The following day, Elena and Ruby said goodbye to the Paymers at the dock while Ruby recovered.

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The Episode Review

If you were a Desperate Housewives fan, you must have been delighted to see Teri Hatcher and James Denton together. I adored this episode because I got the impression that I was getting glimpses of Mike and Susan.

It’s wonderful to see that Javier is prepared to take charge and provide for Helene. The fact that he involves Elena in these occasions makes them even more wonderful. I’m delighted that Helene and Ruby are gradually growing closer since Helene can learn a lot from Ruby.

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