The Interest of Love, Korean Drama Episode 5 Recap and Review!

The Interest of Love’s fifth episode opens with a look at Jong-past. hyeon’s He sends money to his family while letting them know about his exciting new position at the bank. He receives poor treatment from his coworkers, especially Mr. Ma, who asserts his power right away and tries to send him on errands.

He sees Su-yeong on his way home and discovers that she lives close by. They seem to click, especially as they start talking and start cracking jokes together.

When we arrive back in the present, Sang-su is hugging Su-yeong. Sang-su questions if she would have chosen to date him had he maintained his word because she is shocked by how assertive he is. But the other males at the conference cut them off before she can respond. They inquire as to whether Su-yeong is seeing someone as Su-yeong goes away and Sang-su converses with the males.

Sang-su apologises to Su-yeong for upsetting her the night before as they return to the bank following the trip. He didn’t, she informs him, and she recommends they meet up later after work. Sang-situation su’s has undoubtedly changed, and his decision to adopt a standoffish rather than clingy stance appears to be paying off!

Mi-gyeong is waiting for Sang-su when he returns to work and extends an invitation for them to attend a wedding. Even though he agrees, Mi-gyeong can tell that he is uncomfortable. She confides in Su-yeong in the break room that she thinks they’ll start dating soon because she is undeniably pining for him.

When Su-yeong tries to conduct business over their dinner with Mr. Yuk and a wealthy client, things become awkward. They criticise her and say that she is young as they return to simple small talk. Yuk gives Su-yeong some cash for a cab as they separate ways. However, in the morning, things overflow to work, and Su-yeong tells Yuk that she feels awkward hosting these dinners and entertaining clients if no business would be done.

As a result, Yuk plans to punish Su-yeong by assigning her to the rear office where she will be responsible for filing away paperwork and cleaning the space by shredding documents. Since she must complete the task by herself despite it being intended for two people, it is a punishing and humiliating task.

When Sang-su arrives, he asks Su-yeong if she needs assistance and responds that he texted her last night, “I fell asleep,” to which she shrugs. Sang-su, meantime, decides to go outside and buy some food for Su-yeong, who must now work late. Despite leaving food on her desk, he doesn’t annoy her.

The Interest of Love – K-Drama Episode 5

The following day, Sang-su plays golf with Mr. Ha and President Park. Park is now a significant potential customer for the bank, but he declines to review their offering. Sang-su then chooses to join him for a round of golf, following which they schedule a rematch. He finds the young man’s abilities impressive.

Sang-su is abruptly taken away by Mi-gyeong, who doesn’t even bother to say hello to the other two men. As it turns out, Park is the father of Mi-gyeong. When Sang-su arrives to the wedding, he discovers Su-yeong in the role of the real bride. Even for a brief moment, it makes clear where his head is.

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Things start to feel weird at dinner. After having too much to drink, Mi-friend gyeong’s Sang-hui yells at her, reminding her that she had a full scholarship and lives off the generosity of her wealthy parents. It appears that she took the scholarship away from people who deserved it the most. She decides to leave and get some air because it hurts her so much. Sang-su stands up for her and tells Sang-hui that she works hard.

While Mi-gyeong drinks away her sorrow, Sang-hangover su’s remedy helps prevent any consequences at work the following day. However, Su-yeong has a paper cut the previous evening while working at the bank. She keeps going despite her mother’s call. Sang-su is not pleased to see Su-yeong in pain.

Mr. Yuk commends Sang-efforts su’s in bringing Park on board as a client during the team meeting. He reminds out that General Affairs is supposed to assist the Deposit Team while Su-yeong is away destroying documents. He warns everyone that leaving their place to assist Su-yeong will be viewed as a breach of duty. At this point, it is essentially bullying, and Su-yeong overhears the entire squad criticising her. Sang-su responds, “This is a choice she made,” when asked for his view. Hurt, Su-Yeong dashes away.

More of the past is revealed in this scene, including how Su-father Yeong’s cheated on her mother and disappeared for several months. Su-Yeong eventually saw him with another guy, but her mother, Kyung-sook, blames herself and attributes it to his coping mechanism for bereavement.

That evening, Jong-Hyeon meets Su-Yeong in the pouring rain and offers to aid her and change the plaster on her finger. Su-Yeong muses over all the times they’ve helped one another out and come to a choice. She thinks they can be a couple after all, so they formalize their relationship.

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The audit team arrives at KCU Bank the following day. They want to make a few things clear. Some of the office guys think it has to do with Yuk’s personal relationship. They would like to speak with each employee individually about a matter. Mr. Yuk storms out into the central atrium and confronts Su-Yeong. Sang-Su, however, moves in to block his way.

The Interest of Love – K-Drama Episode 5

The Interest of Love makes one stride forward and two steps back this week after such a dismal start. Sang-Su has taken a step back, but he is still not fully committed to truly assisting his teammates when it counts. And all of this is before his sour “I text you, why you don’t text back?” remark. He is one of those persons who will do nice actions when it suits him but won’t bother when it might put him in danger. The fact that he shielded Su-Yeong, in the end, might have been the turning factor.

In spite of the fact that Jong-Hyeon and Su-Yeong are now dating and the fact that we also learn more about Mi-past, Gyeongju’s most of the episode is devoted to the toxic environment at the KCU bank. For some reason, the two girls chatting about Su-Yeong is presented as comedy, however, the entire incident including Mr. Yuk’s bullying should result in Su-resignation, Yeong’s to be honest. At work, nobody should experience such treatment.

But aside from that, there isn’t much else to be enthused about in this place. The romance and drama on the show are pretty normal material, but it doesn’t have the innovative edge that shows as My Liberation Notes did. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better.


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