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Trolley: Recap and Review of Episode 9 of The Korean Drama!


Hye-Joo opens Trolley episode 9 by reviewing the communications sent between Ji-hoon and Soo-bin. Hye-Joo is completely shocked when she hears the final one, “I’m going to kill myself,” as she knows it wasn’t a mistake after all. Hye-Joo is astonished to discover her room absolutely vacant and her phone there when she tries to speak to Soo-bin.

Hye-Joo starts crying and is concerned about Soo-bin when Yeo-jin arrives. Joong-refusal do’s to answer his phone isn’t aiding her efforts to find her, but she’s determined to do so. He eventually succeeds, but not before Hye-Joo is taken to the hospital after collapsing. Before leaving, Yeo-jin returns the red phone, and Joong-do sits next to his wife, holding her hand.

Joong-do says he’s sorry for hiding the phone, but he did it to shield his wife from reality. Woo-Jae planned to use Soo-bin as the real perpetrator in all of this, holding her accountable for what transpired.

Soo-bin asks her mother why she doesn’t care about her own blood when she visits her. She clearly favors Yun-SEO, her other daughter, and in a telling flashback, Soo-bin is treated like a complete stranger in front of her. However, since Soo-bin announced her pregnancy, her mother hasn’t even bothered to call or get in touch. Soo-other bin’s phone was reported with her so she could hear from her mother. When Soo-bin continues to bring up Yun-SEO, her mother retaliates and orders her to stop talking about her at all costs. Soo-bin eventually departs, but she has a hard time controlling her emotions.

In the meantime, Seung-hee leaves to see Seung-parents kye’s in an effort to persuade them to band together so they can kill the Assemblyman. Sol was a call girl, thus the laws governing filming would be a little bit different, according to Seung-father. kye’s Seung-hee mulls over her options for using this as a weapon against Hye-family. joe’s.

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Speaking of keeping secrets, Yeo-jin informs Joong-do that he should have been more meticulous in concealing his phone. As an example of his contempt for Soo-bin, Joong-do mentions how he kept one of the texts from her. He was upset by everything, which appears to be the reason why he harbored grudges against Soo-bin for so long.

Soo-bin wakes up and discovers her phone is missing after leaving it with her mother. When Soo-mother bin picks up the phone, she discovers that a call has come in from a person posing as her lover. A girl then appears (off-screen) to get the phone as a result.

When Hye-Joo searches for Ji-phone hoon at the Book Repair Center, she discovers that Soo-bin did not actually cancel the contract as she had said. It is still linked. Hye-Joo tries to connect but is unsuccessful. She consequently texts Soo-bin from her son’s phone, urging him to call her as soon as she receives the message.

In a different scene, Ki-young chooses to go on a date with Seung-hee, but everything goes awry when Seung-father Kye contacts them. He’s furious and says he’s going to sue after an online post went viral. The footage of Joong-do being abused by Seung-father kyes in the hospital is actually included in the post in the issue and was captured by Woo-Jae a few episodes earlier.

Naturally, Sol’s grandma visits Joong-do that evening, accusing him of taking advantage of her and complaining about the injustice of the situation. She also asserts that he was only using Sol to forward his political agenda. She rejects Joong-attempts do’s to convince her that because he is a parent, he understands what it’s like to lose a son. Woo-Jae remarks that he did tell him not to go to the hospital as she closes the door on him and that every action he performs is a repercussion.

Yoon-Seo, who is also upset, returns home. She is worried after watching the video of Joong-do getting “rough up.” Joong-do indeed has bruises all over his stomach, and we can tell he’s in pain because earlier in the program, he was gripping his side and chest. As Hye-Joo and Joong-do converse, they end up kissing and resting in bed together. I never questioned your sincerity, she said. However, as time travels through the past, Hye-Joo reveals that Joong-do was well aware of the film that evening and instructed Woo-Jae to save it “just in case.”

When Soo-bin calls her phone in the present, a sketchy man answers.

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The Episode Review

This episode brings up a few significant disclosures, tantalizingly setting the stage for the remainder of the season. Joong-partial do’s honesty has been suspected for some time, and this chapter almost certainly confirms it. He made up the entire incident in the hospital, ostensibly fearing that Seung-parents kyes would try to get even with him. He was able to see through it, and the video served as his backup strategy against them. It’s undoubtedly shrewd and demonstrates that he is fully aware of how competitive politics can be.

The trolley problem rears its head once more in the meanwhile because, on the one hand, Hye-Joo can enable Seung-hee to make trouble and rebel against her, but Joong-do and Woo-Jae, given the dirt they’ve unearthed, may easily turn it around and destroy her entire family.

This episode had a lot going on, and since it had been rambling for a while, it was wonderful to get some development and some significant resolutions. The Soo-bin issue is extremely intriguing, and the conclusion raises the possibility that she might genuinely be going to find herself in serious danger. In either case, the upcoming episode should be very interesting to see.


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