Missing (2023) Ending Explained – Do Grace and June Get Back Together?

June, a teenager, and her mother, Grace, don’t get along well. James, the mother and daughter’s husband, and father, passed away from cancer a few years ago. Grace has made an effort to move on and is dating successful techie Kevin Lin.

Although June doesn’t publicly support it, she believes that life is moving too quickly for her. When Kevin and Grace travel on a romantic vacation to Colombia, she spends the night partying wild. The following day, she is almost late to fetch them up from the airport, but it makes no difference because they have vanished.

With the aid of Heather, a lawyer who is a friend of her mother, she submits a missing person report. Javi, a gig worker from Colombia, also assists June in her quest to learn the truth. The results of this study were published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. She also finds herself in a dash against time as her quest for Grace gets unlikely by the minute.

Why does Kevin Lin take Rachel Page to Colombia and create a Ruckus?

Via Kevin’s communications, we learn that he was a con man. He once utilized false identities to entice women and steal their money. Several emails in Kevin’s mailbox that point out his military service are sorted through by June.

She discovers evidence of a court case where he was also found guilty through a subsequent Google search. He met James while inside, and James offered him money to raise this commotion. James wished to exact justice on Grace. He kidnapped Grace while pretending to be a taxi driver, but Kevin was also involved.


Kevin then enlisted Rachel, an aspiring actress who resembled Grace, to create the impression that the journey passed without incident. In order to keep her identity a secret, Rachel’s face is always obscured. Another element of his strategy to make it appear as though Grace had vanished and aided James in cleaning up Grace’s body was the actor’s kidnapping.

What Triggers June to Find Grace S Location?

When June learned that Heather had passed away, she had all but given up hope. The knowledge that she had accidentally alerted the killer on the Guise app and was therefore indirectly to blame for Heather’s killing added to her burden.

We see that the person responsible for all of this has hacked into June’s local resources as she distraughtly closes her laptop. They can read and watch everything that happens on her PC and phone, even having access to her Ring device. The different screens in the security footage her mother placed suddenly appear when June reopens her laptop.

One of them is similar to their former home. She compares the two clips right away using the video on her laptop, and it works like a charm. The two spots are an identical match and June senses something shady going on, giving the story an entirely new spin. Jimmy the church member calls her, but it’s actually someone else.

Who Kills Heather and Why? What Makes Her so Important in Grace S Life?

Jimmy reveals to be James, June s father! This was the great twist in Missing that really threw open a universe of possibilities. He is the perpetrator of the entire crime that occurred. While incarcerated at the Eastham institution, James met Kevin. In actuality, he had no solid reason to accuse Grace of stealing him away from June, so there is where he came up with the scheme to get revenge on her.

June follows the Guise clue and finds out James was the one who killed Heather in her office. She finds Heather by dialing her phone number.


Heather, though, was not a part of the crime. James killed her because he believed June would inform the authorities once the truth was revealed. The conclusion shows that Heather played a big role in Grace’s life. She was the first person to reach out to Grace as a resource and assist her in changing her former name from Sarah to Grace and beginning a new life. The first few scenes are a condensed portrayal of how Heather assisted Grace in leaving her emotional baggage behind and moving to Hollywood.

How Google proves to be Missing s missing centerpiece

Everything June does in Missing, Right revolves around Google, from breaking into Kevin and Grace’s Gmail accounts to using the internet to look for Javi. Grace’s disappearance mystery would never have been solved without Google. Because Google represents the internet’s unquestionable presence in our lives, it is crucial to make this argument. For us, it has become essential. Without employing Google’s services, we are unable to survive. How simple it is to know someone by their online footprint is another aspect of its place in the story.

Anyone can invade your privacy and take advantage of you with only a few quick clicks. A terrifying reality where levels of distrust and paranoia will be at their highest was brought to life by Missing S Universe.

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Why did Grace lie to June about her father, James?

The first portion of the opening film, which showed James playing with June, was expertly cut out by the editors. It was clear at first viewing that it was a tender, priceless remembrance of June’s father. Yet, when we watch the entire film, we notice that there is more than meets the eye.

Grace was genuinely subjected to physical and emotional abuse by James. Sarah used to be her name. James used drugs often and even sold them. He promised to improve while in recovery, but he promptly reverted to his old ways. Grace wanted him out of June’s life because she had grown tired of his shenanigans.

Grace tells lies about James in order to defend him in June’s eyes. To make sure June has a good memory of him, she makes up a narrative that he passed away from cancer. Yet as we can see, she is brutally confronted by the truth.

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How Does Grace and June S Relationship Resuscitate in The Face of Adversity?

James abducted June and took her to their old house in the Missing finale. James ties her up, and we observe Grace being housed outside the main house in a small shack. She manages to upend James when he arrives and runs towards the home. Grace was able to identify a piece of June’s clothing that James had tossed. June is untied, but James recovers in time to return. He even shoots Grace with a rifle. James attempts to bind June again while holding her captive, but Grace stabs him with a shard of broken glass.

Even utilizing Angel’s smartwatch, June was unable to reach Javi since the battery ran out before she could give him the whole address. By using Siri, June instructs her to use the video camera to call 911. James’ phone’s microphone, which is placed on the table, picks up the sound.

Cops come just in time and save the mother/daughter duo. James, though, passes away at his table from his wounds. Soon after, we observe that Grace and June have resumed their previous way of life, but the difficulty has irreparably altered their bond.

Since June no longer harbors any fond memories of James, her love for Grace has grown stronger. At first, it was clear that June took Grace for granted and possibly didn’t realize the challenges that occasionally come with parenthood. She listened to the voicemails Grace had previously left for her while she was gone. It just goes to show how adversity can truly bring people together and instill in them a newfound awareness of the value of life.

There was a topic drawn from Searching as well. Additionally, that holds true in the actual world as well. The threat of losing someone we care about causes our love for them to multiply many times over. Missing emphasizes the idea humorously in the very end when Grace mockingly responds to June’s message of “Love you,” mirroring what June did at the start of the movie.

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