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Alice In Borderland Season 2: Conclusion of Filming! Do We Have a Release Date Yet?

Alice In Borderland Season 2

Since the last episode of Alice In Borderland, fans have been begging for Season 2. Well, it quickly rose to the top 10 and became the most-watched Japanese show after its premiere. Yet after two years, supporters still don’t know anything about the second season. Although the possibility of a second season was left open by the last season’s finale, its timing is yet unknown. But do not worry. This is due to the fact that you now know everything.

The struggle of Ryohei Arisu and Yuzuha Usagi, who are imprisoned in an abandoned Tokyo, is chronicled in the movie Alice in Borderland, which is based on the manga. There, they were made to play risky games and deal with the various degrees of card complexity. Players who completed the other games after surviving the first one had their visas extended. The red lasers, however, will kill them if their visas have already expired.

Alice In Borderland Season 2: Renewal Status!

Happy fans! The first season of the show premiered back in 2020, and the streaming behemoth wasted no time in announcing its continuation. Netflix promptly ordered a second season of Alice in Borderland. As a part of its virtual Japan Festival event, the news was released. Netflix also released a clip featuring the cast members who had made it through the first season. It quickly rose to the top series in many nations upon its premiere. Additionally, it received a 75% good Rotten Tomatoes rating.

Alice In Borderland Season 2: Production Update!

Although the series was revived in 2020, filming didn’t start until the middle of 2021. It was anticipated that the main photography would take place early this year. News of the extras’ casting call quickly spread. Netflix published a supportive tweet on Twitter even though the second season’s production was not officially announced. The streaming service revealed that the second run’s filming was finished in March 2022. Additionally, a video of the cast discussing the second run’s filming was posted.

A Quick Recap!

Momoka and Asahi traveled through the deserted city at the previous season’s conclusion while using a cell phone to take recordings. Arisu faced Aguni, who had been coerced into shooting his closest buddy Hatter because he thought he was the witch. Momoka, who made the ultimate sacrifice, was the true witch. Aguni tried to kill Niragi because she thought she had killed everyone, but the other players defeated her by tossing her into the flames and winning the game.

Usagi and Arisu watched the video of Asahi, who committed suicide in the middle of the game, as Chishiya gathered the card. Momoka and Asahi revealed in that video that they were the game dealers that planned tournaments for their visa extensions. They also observed a gamemaster’s underground lair. But the gamemasters were already dead when Arisu and Usagi arrived there. Later, Kuina and Chishiya showed in and revealed that the players were actually the gamemasters. Before they could address the situation, a woman showed them a brand-new game.

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Alice In Borderland Season 2: What Will Happen Next?

The season could be tough and chaotic because of the cliffhanger. A new series of games would be played in Tokyo City, according to the mysterious Mira. Arisu would continue to play, and his period of calm would soon come to an end. We expect Mira to be essential now that they have introduced the new controller. Furthermore, after losing his pals, Arisu was unable to trust anyone. He will therefore carry on with the game in honor of his pals.

Cast Details

The cast of the program is already featured in a video on Netflix. These actors include Sho Aoyagi as Aguni Morizono, Keita Machida as Daikichi Karube, and Kento Yamazaki as Ryohei Arisu. Both Yuki Morinaga as Chota and Tao Tsuchiya as Yuzuha Usagi will make a comeback. Together with Ayaka Miyoshi as Ann Rizuna, Nijiro Murakami will reprise his role as Shuntaro Chechnya. Aya Asahina’s Hikari Kuina will be joined by Riisa Naka as Mira Kano. Suguru Niragi will probably make a comeback as Dori Sakurada.

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Alice In Borderland Season 2: Release Date

The streaming juggernaut revealed that Alice In Borderland Season 2 would air later this year not long after its renewal announcement. In December 2022, it will only be available on Netflix. A possible date has not yet been made public..

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