Big Dragon Ep 7: Korn Abandons Yai! Do You Think They’ll Get Back Together? Be Aware of Your Locations!

With the Thai drama Big Dragon, fans have great hopes. Well, both internationally and in Thailand, the series has become incredibly successful. Everyone is eager to see what happens in Big Dragon Episode 7. In light of the last episode, it appears that Yai will ultimately make a surprising choice that will surprise everyone. Does it aid him in stopping Korn? Anything may happen right now. Read on to learn more.

Big Dragon Ep 7: What Will Happen Next?

Big Dragon Ep 7

In the final seconds, Korn suddenly grabbed Yai’s hand and pulled her close to him before kissing her. Everyone in their immediate vicinity was shocked because they never anticipated seeing such a view. Korn will be pushed away from Yai by an enraged Yai. However, Korn will make every effort to express his love for Yai. He’ll tell him about their time together and say he’s going to leave the nation for good.

Yai is astonished to hear this information and queries Korn about his whereabouts. The scholarship scheme will actually be made public by Korn. In addition, Korn will say that it is their last meeting. Yai will undoubtedly be devastated by it. However, he will push Korn away and leave the area rather than confront him. He still cares for Yai and wants to stay with him, which will surprise Yai. He won’t, however, admit his feelings and permit Korn to permanently depart the nation.

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A Quick Recap!

In the last episode, Yai and Korn flashed back to their first encounter as children. Korn unintentionally stole Yai’s mother’s locket as they parted ways. The show also highlighted a different flashback in which Korn revealed to his mother that he was gay and had been a fan of Yai ever since they first met. Mom approved of it and urged Korn to follow his heart. Later, Korn approached his mother for information regarding the master’s program in the UK. He also spoke to his teacher, who informed him that Korn had to depart for the UK because he had already submitted the name. Returning to the present, Yai yelled at everyone to go since she was upset with the layout.

Later, Yai and Korn talked about the refurbishment plan for the property. Yai promised to modify Korn’s original design layout. After spending several months together, forcing Korn considers the reason for his actions. Yai, however, made it apparent that he didn’t want to talk about it and requested Korn to leave because he was wasting Yai’s time. But before departing, Korn gave Yai’s mother’s locket, which he had had since he was a young boy. He expressed amazement and asked Korn’s mother to talk about this. She expressed regret on behalf of her child, and Yai acknowledged his sorrow.

Big Dragon Ep 7: Release Date

Yai will adopt a daring attitude that will surprise Korn and everyone else. Will it, however, prevent Korn from evacuating the nation? This will be covered in Big Dragon Ep. 7, which will premiere in Thailand on November 19, 2022 at 11 p.m. The GMM One local Thailand network will carry it. It is available for streaming to a global audience on iQiyi and Bilibili. Remain tuned.

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