Curtain Call Ep 5: Jae-Heon’s Miserable Fate! Determine Where to Watch!

Despite the fact that Jung had created a master strategy to aid his employer, the road won’t be easy. On her deathbed, Geum-soon is desperate to see her North Korean grandchild. Her grandkids, however, dislike that. To ensure that their strategy is successful, Jung needs to take care of Jae-Hoon in Curtain Call Ep. 5. The K-drama has finally accelerated toward its goal, which will soon be realized. The upcoming chapters will be very crazy. So read on to learn more.

Curtain Call Ep 5: What Will Happen Next?

In the last episode, Se-Gyu and Se-Joon expressed interest in a DNA test to see whether Jae-Heon is truly Geum-grandson. soon’s So, they will carry out the mission as planned. Se-Joon will make an effort to steal hair from Jae-Heon. Jae-Heon is currently unaware of the siblings’ strategy. To obtain the upper hand in the hotel’s sales, he will concentrate on acting. The legacy shouldn’t end in this way, in his opinion. The siblings will look into Geum-North soon’s Korean grandchild in the interim. Jung will attempt to fake the DNA reports after determining their intentions. But will Jae-Hoon benefit from it?

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A Quick Recap!

When Jae-Heon and Geum-soon first met in the previous episode, their grandchildren displayed a distinctive response. As they tried to settle down and get to know Yoon-hee and Jae-Heon, everyone interrupted. Later, Jae-Heon made it known that he wanted to put an end to all of the confusion and be with Geum-soon for her final moments. Everyone was shocked when Se-Yeon volunteered for them to move in without first asking her siblings. In a flashback, it became clear that Jung had already given them information about the grandchildren’s personalities. They had got his advice to avoid Se-Gyu and Se-Yeon. He added that he was cautious around Se-Joon and Se-Yeon.

Se-Joon thought Geum-soon was more worried about her family in North Korea than she was about them. The manner it was presented was the ideal one to show where the drama was going. Later, the focus of the action moved to Jae-Hoon and Yoon-hee unwinding in their suite. Secretary Jung eventually joined them and commended Jae-Heon for his efforts. His deeply moving speech had a profound effect on everyone. Se-Joon, however, was envious of Jae-Hoon. However, Se-Yeon thought he could aid and assist her in her dispute with Se-Joon over the hotel sale. She later found out that Dong is in charge of this, though.

Curtain Call Ep 5: Release Date

Curtain Call Ep 5

Now that his siblings don’t want him to claim the property, Jae-Heon needs to maintain his focus. Will they, however, put an end to their inquiry after the DNA test? This information may be found in Curtain Call Ep. 5, which will run on KBS2 on November 14, 2022, at 7.45 am EDT. The program is streamable for a global audience on Rakuten Viki.

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