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Curtain Call Ep 9: Moon-Seong Returns and Jae-Heon Spends Time with Se-Yeon!

The slice-of-life drama has emerged as this year’s most talked-about K-drama. Fans were astounded by its beauty and devotion to the family. Jae-Heon has learned more about the siblings since he joined the family. He will now discover another fact that will aid in his performance in Curtain Call Ep. 9. But he will start acting differently once he learns his adversary would shortly join him. Will events go in the direction Mr. Jeong desires? Read on to learn more.

Curtain Call Ep 9: What Will Happen Next?

Moon-seong will eventually appear in the following episode. Fans have eagerly anticipating his comeback and the surprise he will bring. He won’t be able to meet Chairwoman Ja right away after landing in South Korea, though. He must figure out how to get in touch with her. However, someone will let Mr. Jeong know that Moon-seong wants to visit Chairwoman Ja before they really meet. Well, Mr. Jeong is already aware of this drama and the genuine Moon appearance. song’s Thus, he will make every effort to stop him. Mr. Jeong does not want to cause Chairwoman Ja any problems.

He will therefore request that his friends drive Moon-Seong to a distant location. In order to prevent Moon-Seong from getting in touch with Chairwoman Ja, he will hold him captive. Even refusing to inform Jae-heon of Moon-presence seong’s is Mr. Jeong. Jae-Heon will be permitted to spend time with Se-Yeon. Chairwoman Ja will observe that they are developing a romance. But it will take them some time to understand how you feel. Moon-seong will manage to escape Mr. Jeong’s grasp and decide to tell his grandmother all that occurred to him despite Mr. Jeong’s attempts to stop him.

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A Quick Recap!

In the prior episode, everyone left their pleasant conversation and went to a restaurant to eat. Geum-soon suggested that his stepsiblings collaborate. Except for Se-Yeon, no one liked Geum-suggestion. soon’s Jae-heon might have assisted them at the hotel, she wished. Jae-Heon, however, sensed an uneasy cold breeze that suggested no one wanted him to join their organization.

But Hyun Ji-won welcomed Jae-heon into their extended family, which infuriated Joon. Ji-won recommended that they go vintage clothing shopping together to get to know Yoon-hee better. While this was going on, Jae-Heon checked into the hotel and ran into Se-Yeon. She complimented him by helping him tie his tie. He discovered Se-Yeon was interested in him during their first encounter.

The actual Moon-Seong, in meantime, obtained a passport and left for South Korea to visit his grandma. Mr. Jeong and the others, however, were unaware of this looming danger. He had been attempting to deal with Yoon-hee and Jae-heon, who felt bad for tricking their dying grandmother. It would be challenging for the actual Moon-Seong to establish his identity now that everyone in Nakhon knew Jae-heon was the real Moon-Seong. Moon-Seong was in difficulty when Mr. Jeong intervened before he could speak with Chairwoman Ja.

Curtain Call Ep 9: Release Date

The FIFA World Cup coverage prevented Curtain Call Ep. 8 from airing on Monday. Thus, it will air on November 29, 2022, a Tuesday. The ninth episode of Curtain Call will now premiere on November 30, 2022, at 9.50 PM KST. The foreign public can view it on Rakuten Viki, while the local Korean population may watch it on KBS2.

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