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East New York Season 1 Episode 11: When, Where, and How to Watch a Sneak Peek!

East New York Season

East New York follows Regina Haywood, a freshly promoted police captain in East New York, as she directs a diverse team of cops and detectives in order to safeguard the neighborhood.

Regina is determined to use innovative strategies to defend others around her because she has family nearby. Despite the understandable resistance of some of her fellow cops to change, our protagonist is strong and committed to bringing about genuine change.

If you’ve been following this one over the past few weeks, you might be interested in learning when the upcoming episode will air. So, stop wondering now!

Here is all the information you need about East New York Season 1 Episode 11, including the air date, time, and location.

Where Can I Watch East New York Season 1?

The CBS network and online streaming are both options for watching East New York. This is an exclusive original series, and individuals in the US can access it online through the CBS All Access website. That has “minimal” advertisements and costs $5.99 per month. You’re looking at an increase to $9.99 for an ad-free.

East New York Season 1 Episode 11 Release Date

The eleventh episode of Season 1 of East New York will air on January 15 at 9.30 p.m. (ET). There isn’t an official release date for this one yet, though, for individuals in the UK and other countries.

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When watching East New York on catch-up, subtitles should be accessible. In keeping with the length of the rest of the series, Episode 11 is anticipated to last around 45 minutes.

How Many Episodes Will East New York Season 1 Have?

Although CBS hasn’t yet confirmed it, we anticipate it will have between 10 and 22 episodes considering that it is a brand-new drama premiering this Fall. We’ll be sure to update this as soon as we learn more specific information.

Is There A Trailer For East New York Season 1?

There is, in fact. Recently, CBS released a promo for the entire season, which you can view below:

What do you anticipate seeing as the series develops over the coming weeks? What aspect of East New York are you most anticipating? Tell us in the comments section below!


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