Episode 12 of “Cheer Up” Features Hae-Confession Yi’s of Her Feelings to A Distraught Sun-Ho!

The relationships among the Theia members keep growing stronger. They have experienced many ups and downs this season, I suppose. Finally, they will discover their actual sentiments in Cheer Up Ep. 12. They will learn who they want to stay with thanks to the blind dates. However, they are unaware of the menace and danger that is developing behind them. Additionally, Do Hae-Yi is put in a difficult position where she must choose between Captain Jung-woo and Sun-ho. Can she handle the circumstances? Read on to learn more.

Cheer Up Ep 12: What Will Happen Next?

The subject of the upcoming episode will be Hae-choice. Yi, dated both Captain Jung-woo and Sun-ho in the previous episode. She is suddenly conscious of her emotions. She needs a conversation with Sun-ho so she can respond.

However, Sun-ho missed her in the penultimate scene of the prior episode. She will keep waiting. But after a while, she’ll start looking for Sun-ho. Hae-Yi wants to confess her affection for him to him. She balances the two males. Hae-Yi has also shared a kiss with Captain Jung-woo because she sees him as the ideal partner for her. She also feels affection for Sun-ho, though. It will consequently result in a mess for her. She must now choose a course of action.

A Quick Recap!

Cheer Up Ep 12

Theia members were startled in the last episode when they woke up in front of the water. They discovered how they came to be in Busan, the hometown of Jung-woo, as they struggled to recall their memories. After drinking too much, Jung-woo sobbed about how his connection with his mother had been ruined, and the others tried to help him face it.

His mother gave them various jobs to do in order to earn money because she was unaware that the Theia members would stay at their homes. Jung-woo made the decision to apologize to her mother at this time. But his mother still loved and accepted him. Hae-Yi, meantime, was perplexed. She recalled that when intoxicated, she had kissed someone.

However, she was unsure of who it was—Captain Jung-woo or Sun-ho. Soo-il discovered Jin-il was responsible after he read Jin-note notes during the festival. Jin-il threatened Soo-il to keep it a secret even though he didn’t deny it. Jin-il played a voice recording that showed he had spent Theia’s money improperly. Yoo-min, on the other hand, was confident that everything would work out after Soo-confession. il’s In the meantime, Jung-woo confided in Hae-Yi. He was also conscious of how his behavior had wounded her. Hae-Yi also recalled Sun-ho had kissed her, which caused tension between them.

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Cheer Up Ep 12: Release Date

After much anticipation from viewers, SBS has officially revealed the new release date for the K-eleventh drama’s episode. The program quickly rose to the third spot on the list of buzzworthy dramas in the second week after its premiere. Cheer Up Ep. 12 will premiere on November 29, 2022, at 10 PM KST, according to SBS. International viewers can stream it in the interim on Viu.

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