Episode 5 of Willow: When, Where, and How to Catch Up!

Willow Episode 5

Sorcerer Willow Ufgood, who defeated queen Bavmorda and the armies of evil 20 years prior, has returned and is leading a band of outcasts on a perilous rescue mission. It’s up to haughty Kit, her knight-in-training Jade, prisoner Boorman, and Prince Graydon to team up with the Chosen One, Elora, to save the day while Airk is away in the perilous lands with the Crone.

If you’ve been following this one over the past few weeks, you might be interested in learning when the upcoming episode will air. So, stop wondering now!

Here is all the information you need to know about Willow episode 5, including when and where to watch it.

Where Can I Watch Willow?

The entire world can watch Willow on Disney+. This is the only place you can see it because it’s a Disney+ Original.

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Willow Episode 5 Release Date

Willow Episode 5 Preview

On Wednesday, December 21, at 12 a.m. (PST), 3 a.m. (ET), 8 a.m. (GMT), and 12.30 p.m. (IST)

The duration of Episode 5 will be approximately 45 minutes, which is quite consistent with the length of the entire program. Subtitles should be accessible right away as well.\

How Many Episodes Will Willow Season 1 Have?

Willow is a respectably sized series with 8 episodes planned. After this one, there are 3 more episodes left, with one episode debuting each week. With Willow and the other characters embarking on their magical quest, the plot should continue to progress.

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Is There A Trailer For Willow?

There is, in fact. Below is a link to the Willow Season 1 trailer:

What do you anticipate seeing as the series continues? What aspect of Willow Season 1 has been your favorite so far? Tell us in the comments section below!

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