Is a Sequel to We Have a Ghost Planned? Here’s Everything We Know About a Potential Sequel:

We Have a Ghost, a brand-new supernatural comedy from Netflix, centers on a young adolescent named Kevin and his meeting with Ernest the ghost. As the film goes on, we learn more about this kind man and uncover the truth of his true identity and his tragic death.

You might be interested in a sequel if you’ve seen and liked the film.

Nevertheless, will We Have a Ghost 2 be released? Or has Netflix decided to end the possibility of a sequel? As of this writing, the following is all we know:

What are We Have a Ghost about?

The narrative of the Presley family and their experiences with a ghost named Ernest who is residing in their new home is told in the film, which is based on the short story Ernest by Geoff Manaugh.

When the ghost tries to scare Kevin away, he meets Ernest for the first time. Ernest tries to scare Kevin by flailing his hands in a spooky manner, but Kevin isn’t at all frightened because Ernest’s actions are more amusing than terrifying.

After meeting the ghost, Frank, Kevin’s father, and Fulton, Kevin’s older brother, decide to make Ernest famous on YouTube and TikTok.

 Ghost 2

Following Ernest’s viral success, the CIA becomes aware of his existence and raids the Presley home in search of the ghost. Kevin and Ernest, unhappily for the not-so-secret service, have taken a road trip to find out more about the spirit’s past.

Does the CIA track down Ernest? Does Ernest learn further details about his death? There won’t be any spoilers here, but if you want to learn more about the movie, see our piece titled “The Ending Explained,” which goes into more detail.

Will there be We Have A Ghost 2?

We Have a Ghost has no sequel as of the time of this writing. As far as we know, the film’s director, Christopher Landon, hasn’t spoken about the prospect, but given that he developed a sequel to his previous horror comedy, Happy Death Day, it’s possible that he’d be willing to take on the task of We Have A Ghost if it made sense for him to do so.

 Ghost 2

The film’s ending allows room for a sequel, so it’s possible that Landon already has a concept in mind for a continuation of the plot. If he does, he will have to rely on Netflix to approve the film. Although they haven’t officially announced We Have a Ghost 2, we anticipate that if the film sells well, they will eventually be receptive to the idea.

What Could We Have a Ghost 2 Be About?

If the sequel is approved, Ernest might make a cameo appearance because the original film hinted that he still had some time left on Earth. Even though the Presley family left their haunted home at the end of We Have a Ghost, we have a suspicion that another family will move in and take center stage in the sequel.

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When Could We Have a Ghost 2 Be Released?

It’s difficult to say for sure at this point because there isn’t any information on a sequel. There is a possibility that it will be released next year, possibly around Halloween if the filmmakers are given enough time to move forward with the follow-up.

That is all we currently know, but if we learn of a sequel, we will update this page accordingly.

We Got a Ghost: Did You Like It? What do you anticipate will occur in the follow-up? Tell us in the comments section below.


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