Is Saint-14 from Destiny-2 Gay? Is He Interested in Osiris? Details About Their Backstory and Relationship!

Bungie’s story designer eventually made Saint-14 and Osiris’ sexual orientation official after years of rumors. Fans have questioned Saint-14’s sexual orientation ever since Destiny-2 first came out a few years ago. Within the Destiny community, the discussion went on. Many thought Osiris and Saint-14 were constructing a nest together. Others had their doubts because they thought they were just brothers. The Warlock and the Titan have a close relationship whether or not they are flocking together. But it quickly gained popularity on Bungie’s Destiny 2 forums. Sanit-14 is gay, then? But first, let’s take a look at Destiny 2 before we delve further into his sexuality and relationship with Osiris.

What Is Destiny-2 All About?

You all probably know about Destiny 2. However, let’s go over it one more. Bungie is the company behind Destiny 2, also referred to as Destiny: Guardians and Destiny 2: New Light. It is an online-only multiplayer first-person shooter game that is free to play. It was formerly a pay-to-play game, but in 2019 the firm made it a free-to-play game. The Destiny game from 2014 has a follow-up. The role-playing aspects of the video game’s setting give it a mythical science fiction feel. Player vs player and player versus environment game styles are both included in Destiny 2, just as its predecessor. Additionally, it has dungeons, six-player raids, and three-player strikes.

Concept Of New Light

In 2020, Bungie made adjustments to Destiny 2, which affected numerous game industry changes. The Red War, the original base campaign, along with Curse of Osiris and Warmind, was taken out. Now no one can investigate them. Bungie, however, stated that these worlds were eliminated by the forces of Darkness. Thus, it facilitates the new player’s immersion into the Destiny world. They can embark on a mission inside the Cosmodrome and aid others in learning about the original narrative.

6 Facts About Saint-14

Origin Of Saint-14

The first Titan Vanguard and the first Guardian to become well-known in the mythos was Saint-14. Zavala, however, currently holds this job. He served as the Speaker’s right-hand and adoptive son. Saint-14 and his fellow Warlock Vanguard Osiris formed a strong relationship. The Battle of Six Fronts and the Battle of Twilight Gap are just two memorable battles that Saint-14 took part. He pursued Solkis, Kell of the House of Devils, the ruthless leader of the Fallen after the Battle of Twilight Gap. Saint-14 fought him valiantly, and just as Solis appeared to be winning, Saint-14 gathered his light and utilized it to deliver a devastating headbutt that sliced through Solkis’s head and gave Saint-14 the advantage.

Developing The Last City

In order to inspire Saint-14 in the Corridors of Time, the Ghost gave him a hologram of the modern Last City. They formed the Consensus with Saint-14’s assistance after many years. It gave folks a place to feel comfortable. Dead Orbit, Vanguard, Future War Cult, and New Monarchy are currently part of the Consensus.

Saint 14 Believed In A Savior Guardian

Saint-14 mentioned a player during the Perfect Paradox myth as being his inspiration. In The Accolade lore, he also related to a young girl how a Guardian had previously saved his life and given him encouragement that all would be alright in the future and that humanity’s future is in good hands. In reality, according to Gray Pigeon legend, he addressed Osiris, the Speaker, and the Guardian, who served as his inspiration. His source of inspiration, nevertheless, was a well-kept secret. However, it was thought that Saint-14’s belief that a future savior Guardian would appear was irrational. Fans still want to know whether Saint-14 is gay or heterosexual.

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Cheating Death

Purple ribbons were used to envelop Grey Pigeon and Saint-14’s dead bodies in the Vex tomb. Osiris claimed that Saint-14 called him his accolades in The Accolade story, but he didn’t understand why. The legend also illuminates the different life events that he has carried with him as reminders of his accomplishments. The civilians had given him gifts of lavender, plum, and purple-colored cloth in appreciation of his generosity and bravery.

However, Saint-14 lost his life while looking for Osiris in the Infinite Forest. After finding Saint-14’s body in the Curse of Osiris, Osiris later attempted to resuscitate it. Then he ordered The Sundial to go back in time to the moment Saint-14 and his Ghost had collapsed. Fortunately, Osiris and The Guardian helped Saint-14 beat Martyr Mind, Agioktis, and return to Last City, saving his life.

Is Saint-14 Gay?

Is Destiny-2’s Saint-14 Gay


Fans have been arguing this issue ever since the video game’s release, so to speak. Their skepticism has now been dispelled. Robert Brookes, a narrative designer for Bungie, finally broke the ice. Osiris and Saint-14 are both gay, Robert said in a Twitter post. In actuality, Robert didn’t even join Bungie when they were depicted as gay. However, after this disclosure, some gamers with less tolerance were incensed.

The gamers seem to be going to need some time to adjust. On the other hand, many appeared ecstatic and eager to discover LGBT representation. The community expressed their happiness that love had triumphed, and it is also assisting them in creating a better future and showing hope for the depiction of LGBTQ+ people.

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Osiris And Saint-14 Are a Couple!

Everyone was curious as to whether they were interested in each other while Robert clarified any misunderstandings regarding the couple’s sexual orientation. You should be happy to know that Osiris and Saint-14 are a couple, as Robert noted in his Twitter thread. He acknowledged that Osiris and Saint-14 are not the only high-profile same-sex partnerships that Destiny has experienced.

Furthermore, he finds the depiction of same-sex relationships important and worth reading. That explains both why Saint-14 sent a solo mission to rescue Osiris’ life and why he dropped a lot of letters for Osiris. Not because of politeness, but rather because he is his true love. Do you wish to learn more about Saint-14 and Osiris? What do you think of their union? Post your comments in the section below.

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