Love in Contract Ep 16 Finale: What a Brave Step by Sang-Eun! Ji Ha Is Shocked! Figure out Your Best Bets for Watching!

Everything in the mother-daughter interaction returned to normal following Madam Yoo’s confession. Sang-Eun, however, may once more find herself in a precarious scenario in Love in Contract Episode 16. The Ina group will move to destroy them because she will be at the centre of the debate. Madam Yoo has been working to keep Sang-eun safe since then, and she’ll keep doing so in the following episode as well. Ji Ha, meanwhile, will only be concerned about Sang-eun and wants to resolve their issues. Read on to learn more.

Love In Contract Ep 16: What Will Happen Next?

Love In Contract Ep 16 Finale

The focus of the forthcoming episode will be on Sang-consequences. eun’s actions made herself vulnerable to defend Madam Yoo. Ji Ho has no idea about it, though. But he would go to Sang-house eun’s to check on the situation. He will discover there Sang-troubled eun’s history. But he decides to stay instead of leaving her when he awakens. Ji Ho will guarantee Sang-eun that he won’t give up and that he will shield her from all difficulties. Madam Yoo will continue to stand up for Sang-eun while also coming up with a plan to undermine the Ina group’s very foundation.

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A Quick Recap!

Yoo Mi Ho chastised Sang-eun for turning off her phone and coming home at midnight in the previous episode. Madam Yoo was concerned that Sang-eun might suffer harm. Sang-Eun, on the other hand, was with Ji Ho, and they had fun together. Sang-safety eun’s and the Ina group’s next move frightened Madam Yoo. Hae-jin discovered that Seon-jin had employed individuals to keep a watch on Sang-Eun. When Hae-jin arrived at Sang-house, eun’s she discovered some men forcibly gaining entry.

Love In Contract Ep 16 Finale

They fled when he questioned if Seon-jin had sent them. Madam Yoo informed Hae-jin that she would speak with Seon-jin as soon as she came. She wanted to erase the evidence she had gathered against Ina’s gang. On the other hand, Seon-jin requested proof of the Jamie project and a 20% ownership stake from the group’s leader. Seon-jin was cautioned by Madam Yoo to keep away from her daughter. If not, she would wipe off the Ina group. Ji Ho made the decision to assist Madam Yoo in creating a fake proof. When Sang-eun learned about Ji Ho’s activities, she made the decision to handle the situation herself.

Love In Contract Ep 16: Release Date

Sang-eun will eventually make a decision regarding her future. Ji Ho will attempt to persuade his girl not to interfere with her mother’s affairs, though. But will it succeed? Love In Contract Ep 16 will have it on it when it airs on tvN on November 10, 2022, at 10.30 PM KST. It can be streamed to a global audience on Viu. Remain tuned.

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