Love In Contract Episode 15: Hae-jin’s Next Challenge To Impress A Girl! Know Where To Watch

Madam Yoo had so far withheld information from her cherished daughter. Ji-ho did, however, succeed in encouraging Madam Yoo to widen her heart. Madam Yoo will continue to communicate her emotions in Love In Contract Episode 15 in order to maintain her connection with Sang-Eun. Someone will meddle with Hae-jin in the interim. He wants to show her mother that he is worthy, thus he is putting his attention on his profession. So he’ll do anything to win her approval. Will he go too far, though? Read on to learn more.

Love In Contract Episode 15: What Will Happen Next?

Love In Contract Episode 15

Sang-eun will be relieved in this episode after Madam Yoo expresses her regret and wishes for their relationship to proceed as normally as possible. After letting her heart open, Madam Yoo will feel relieved. Ji-ho will improve himself and choose to concentrate on his interests.

He’ll permit Ji-Eun to live her life as she pleases. Hae-jin will eventually meet the girl his mother has chosen for him in the meantime. But he’ll opt to go because he won’t look impressed by that female.

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A Quick Recap!

The relationship between Sang-eun and Ji-ho completely changed in the previous episode. Sang-eun inquired about the children’s dreams while she was at the orphanage. When she asked Gwang-nam about his aspirations after getting home, he admitted that he wished to become a singer.

In the meantime, Ji-ho got to know his coworkers and was able to eat with them. He was looking into Yoo Mi Ho. He then enquired about a frightening issue from his coworkers. He questioned if a mother had to be penalized for concealing their relationship after adopting the identical child that she had previously abandoned.

But they came to the conclusion that it was dependent on the victim’s mindset. Then he inquired about Madam Yoo’s punishment with Sang-Eun. She claimed that because Yoo had reared her, she didn’t feel that way. Along with joining the Kangjin organization, Kang Hae-Jim also begged his father for a respectable position. His brother Seon Jin didn’t like it when his father appointed him executive director of the entertainment company. Later, Ji-ho ran into Madam Yo and instructed her to tell Sang-eun the truth and offer an apology. She admitted that while she could say sorry, she couldn’t be honest.

Love In Contract Episode 15: Release Date

The fifteenth episode of Love In Contract will premiere on tvN on November 9, 2022, at 10.30 PM KST. Additionally, Rakuten Viki offers access to it. It will ultimately make clear how the lives of the characters will develop. Remain tuned.

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