Love Is for Suckers Ep 12: Yeo Reum Finally Admit how She Really Feels? Get the Scoop on Where to Look

Yeo Reum will have conflicted feelings for someone in Love Is For Suckers Ep. 12 after leaving her partner behind in the aisle. She is committed to her reality dating programme since she has been working hard to move past her past. Despite her desire for it to be successful, she begins to feel attracted to Jae-hoon after hearing his narrative. She won’t have the courage to express her sentiments, though. Instead, she will take a step that will drive a wedge between them. Let’s explore the possibilities.

Love Is For Suckers Ep 12: What Will Happen Next?

Love Is For Suckers Ep 12

The next episode will see a change for the better for Jae-hoon. He does, however, constantly convey his affection for Yeo reum. Yeo Reum, however, persisted in ignoring it. But she chooses to give her best buddy another chance after discovering the harsh reality in the previous episode. It won’t be simple for her, though, as she’s still coping with the distressing memories of her ex.

Nevertheless, Yeo reum goes to see Jae-hoon and begins to exhibit signs of discomfort whenever he touches or converses with a random girl. However, she won’t find it simple to admit. She will therefore enlist Chae-assistance ri’s to craft the best proposal. Jae-hoon Would he accept it? Time will only tell.

A Quick Recap!

Love Is For Suckers Ep 12

Jae Hoon’s online rumours of killing someone in the previous episode took off like wildfire. Chae-rim made the decision to look into the situation. Yeo-reum chose to approach Jae-hoon, who revealed that he had killed someone because she didn’t believe any rumours. But he was concealing the reality. He had to make the worst choice ever while he was the department head of neurosurgery in 2019. Two of the patients were in serious condition. But he only administered care that increased the patient’s prospects of survival. so

that patient passed away. But he discovered that the second patient was actually his father after the procedure. He has never again practised neurosurgery since that time. Back in the present, the youngster he saved found him and told Yeo-rum the whole tale.

He wanted to assist him in getting out of this predicament now. But he was unable to be seen at work. Yeo-rum was aware of his location. Later, Chae-RI had a brilliant plan to support Jae-hoon. Later, the entire crew went to the beach to record the dialogue between Jae-hoon and that boy. He tried his hardest to get admitted into medical school because he wanted to be a doctor like Jae-hoon, but the guilt of being accountable for someone’s death drove him. Everyone began supporting Jae-hoon once it aired. Everything returned to normal after the rumours died down. Yeo Reum began to feel affection for Jae-hoon.

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Love Is For Suckers Ep 12: Release Date

Yeo rum needs to choose her course of action now. Despite having feelings for Jae-hoon, she won’t admit it. Will she reveal her sentiments, though? On November 17, 2022, at 9 p.m. KST, Love Is For Suckers Episode 12 will premiere, and you will learn it. Every Wednesday and Thursday, brand-new episodes are broadcast. The South Korean network ENA will carry it. Viki is where the global audience may watch it in the meantime.

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