Love Is for Suckers Ep 14: Yeo-Reum Crying after Ji-Yeon Reveals Her Emotions!

Since the premiere of the show, viewers have been eager to see the power couple Ji Hoon and Yeo Reum together. But when a girl entered Ji Hoon’s life, everything changed. In Love Is For Suckers Ep. 14, Yeo Reum’s future is now in danger. Will her true love be there? It doesn’t seem that way. Let’s now examine the couple’s future alignments.

Love Is For Suckers Ep 14: What Will Happen Next?

Love Is For Suckers Ep 14

The forthcoming episode will centre on Jae-hoon and Ji-developing Yeon’s romance. She began to respect him more after he stood up for her. He made it clear that he wants to stick with Ji Yeon regardless of what people think of them. They’ll develop a love connection as a result of it. However, Yeo-reum will be upset since she still harbours unrequited emotions for Jae-hoon. Things began to unravel after her show was cancelled following the stabbing.

She must now act decisively to restore equilibrium. Ji-hoon will devote his time to his lifelong love in the meantime. He’ll keep assisting her with her regular tasks. However, when Ji-Yeon admits that she has fallen in love with Ji-Hoon, things will become difficult. He must now make a decision regarding what to do. Meanwhile, Yeo-reum would start getting annoyed by his developing relationship with Ji-Yeon.

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A Quick Recap!

Love Is for Suckers Ep 14

Ji-wan observed the chef’s departure in the prior episode. He urged her to follow him without telling her where he was going. Later, they gathered at his mother’s restaurant and sat at a table. Chef John greeted them, and Ji-wan challenged her to try everything. Later, John admitted he had changed his real last name, Joon, to sound more affluent. She wasn’t shocked, though. That startled Joon.

Everyone knew that Joon came from an affluent family, so they afterwards strolled along the shore. Joon said that he was reared in a village by a single mother. But Ji-wan argued that it was impossible to tell from the beauty of his face that he had grown up in a village. Joon had a strong ambition for success and benefited from his mother’s guidance.

His mother felt that because she doesn’t have a pretty face, she should always be polite. Ji-wan, however, said that she was attractive and that the events of the past weren’t her fault. It shocked her. Jae-hoon discovered that her supporters were mocking her because he cared for her more than he did in the online system. They discovered how others viewed them. Jae-hoon thought he had to alter his partners’ reputation, nevertheless. He then made the audacious statement that he detested the nicknames given to them. But he wished to maintain his bond with her.

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Love Is For Suckers Ep 14: Release Date

In the following episode, Ji-Hoon will be a complete mess. Will he, however, find assistance from anyone? On November 24, 2022, at 9 p.m. KST, Love Is For Suckers Episode 14 will premiere, and you may find it there. Local viewers can watch .


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