Love Island Australia Season 4 Episode 3: Austen Dumping Layla for Claudia? Recognize the Upcoming Steps!

It appears that Claudia has made the decision to keep adding fresh surprises and twists to the show. She brought two good-looking boys the last time, and she’ll take someone’s man in Love Island Australia Season 4 Episode 3. With her hot and sweet nature, Claudia is stealing the show and the hearts of the lads, but this will cause issues for Layla. Let’s wait to see what Claudia does next in the following episode.

Love Island Australia Season 4 Episode 3: What Will Happen Next?

Love Island Australia Season 4 Episode 3

Claudia and Austen become aware of their attraction to one another after having a passionate kiss during the Red Flags challenge. Even though they think it’s an excellent idea, what about Layla? Layla will have a difficulty as a result of the sexual tension between Austen and Claudia because she doesn’t want to give up on him after their bedtime kiss. Later, Austen invites Claudia in for a conversation and explains that he wants to know her better. Austen needs to take a risk right now because he appears a little disoriented while juggling Layla and Claudia.

Even Jessica and Conor’s path won’t be easy. While Jessica enjoys her kiss with Tak during the challenge, Conor wants to get back together. Therefore, each of them will have private time, which will surprise Conor. Finally, Callum and Tak can start dating. Both of them must now choose two women to go on dates with. However, it will come as a surprise to see Jessica as the focus of their attention. Jessica must now decide with whom she wants to continue her Love Island voyage.

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A Quick Recap!

Love Island Australia Season 4 Episode 3

The second episode of Love Island Australia Season 4 was a pivotal one in the show’s history. Claudia returned with a bang after being asked to leave the villa when Holly snatched her partner. She went with tears in her eyes after packing her suitcase. But soon after, she got a text saying that two dashing boys who were looking for love had saved her. Tak, 22, and Callum, 24, welcomed her and were eager for her to enter the Villa. Claudia appeared shocked because she never anticipated this to occur. Jessica claimed that Claudia didn’t return with a snack but with supper after seeing her leave with two hot guys.

She continued, adding that she was eager to start the dinner. However, the other boys continued to pose a threat because they didn’t appear to be amused to see Callum. “Were these guys manufactured in factories or something?” mocked Austen. Following a brief introduction, Claudia sat down with Callum for a conversation. He was questioned about which he preferred: personality or appearance. She was surprised by his response. Obviously, he responded, “Looks” (a big red flag).

At least he wasn’t lying, Claudia was able to say to sweeten the situation. In the meantime, Conor approached Stella. Conor chose to get to know Stella personally despite settling down with Jessica, with whom he had his first kiss of the season.

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Love Island Australia Season 4 Episode 3: Release Date

Conor thinks they should get back together because he doesn’t want to stay with Jessica, but the other lads are crazy about her. Love Island Australia Season 4 Episode 3 will feature this and premiere on 9Now on November 2, 2022, at 6 p.m. AEDT. Remain tuned.


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