May I Help You Ep 10: Is Dong Ju Considering Leaving Tae Hee Behind? Watch

Tae Hee had been working very hard to overcome his grief. But he was never able to let the unpleasant memory go and go on. However, in May I Help You Ep. 10, he will begin to move in the direction of peace. Dong Ju, his life’s love, will be safeguarded to the best of his ability. However, someone will always cause conflict between them. Fans are aware that it is difficult for them to unite. But maybe someone can assist them. Read on to learn more.

May I Help You Ep 10: What Will Happen Next?

May I Help You Ep 10

Dong Ju would be happy to spend time with Tae Hee and express her gratitude to the father for his contribution in the upcoming episode. He will keep playing cupid for the couple, and they will soon go on a brand-new adventure. The time spent together will increase for both. But Tae Hee will be under Chung Ha’s watchful supervision. He won’t stop defending Dong Ju since he doesn’t think the fox guy is real. The officer will attempt to inform Dong Ju of the facts in the meantime. Will she, however, reconsider her choice? Time will only tell.

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A Quick Recap!

May I Help You Ep 10

Tae Hee and Dong Ju were seen enjoying themselves at the beginning of the previous episode. Tae Hee eventually revealed his sorrow at the death of his brother when they were traveling. Dong Ju was pleased to see that he put his trust in her, nevertheless. Tae Hee thanked Dong Ju for supporting him through his difficult period shortly after sharing some bitter memories with him. She was happy to hear that they ended up having a romantic moment. Tae Hee later delivered Dong Ju to his house.

But after a final farewell, Dong Ju gave him a back embrace. The two of them were in the most stunning sight. Tae Hee wanted to marry her permanently after quickly realizing that he felt an emotional connection to her as well. Sin, however, was getting in the way of Dong Yi’s life. Sin’s desire to understand Dong Yi more would put them at odds. Things would be dramatic in Tae Hee and Dong Ju’s relationship.

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May I Help You Ep 10: Release Date

Now that Dong Ju is aware of Tae Hee’s true identity, she must choose her course of action. May I Help You Ep 10 will air on November 23, 2022, at 9.50 p.m. KST, and you will learn it in that episode? While the foreign public can watch it on Amazon Prime Video, the local population can access it on MBC. Remain tuned.

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