May I Help You Ep 12: The Case of Joon-Lost Ho’s Ring and Hay-Detention!

May I Help You is becoming tenser and tenser? In May I Help You Ep. 12, Dong-Joo and her abilities will be put to the test. She possesses a particular talent that enables her to prepare funerals for the deceased by granting their requests. She had to assist Tae-brother Hae this time, though. The narrative will suddenly change direction, and Dong-Joo will shortly explain how this death is connected to other events. Will her prospective lover, however, be able to handle the truth? Read on to learn more.

May I Help You Ep 12: What Will Happen Next?

Dong-investigation Joo’s will be the result of the upcoming episode. She must, at all costs, locate the ring in order to discover Joon-past. ho’s Tae still holds himself responsible for the mishap and finds it difficult to forgive himself. Only Dong-Joo can now unravel this riddle because he is aware of its relation to Hay-ann. She will therefore attempt to question Hay-ann in order to learn as much as she can. Joon-ho was still alive when Hay-ann discovered him, she will discover. It will aid her in learning the truth.

She can talk to his brother’s ghost and get answers to her questions, but she can’t tell Tae that. She needs to locate the ring, which will be in Hay-possession, in order to figure things out. To get it, she must sneak into the locker and open it before Hay-ann notices her. Tae and Dong-Jo will keep supporting one another as they cope with the loss in the interim. Before telling him she loves him, she will provide him a shoulder to weep on.

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A Quick Recap!

May I Help You Ep 12

Dae-hee was reassured by Dong-Joo in the previous episode that she could understand her grief because her mother was also a star and their parents were watching over them from above. Later, she made fun of Tae-hee for having such good parenting skills. He revealed that he used to enjoy stargazing with his younger brother Joon-ho. Even more, if Joon-ho brought the ring back, he would offer to take him stargazing.

But it never took place. He was comforted by Dong-Jo, who talked about her experience with Joon-spirit. Ho’s To find the ring for him, he instructed her. She was also instructed by the ghost to call the police to find it. Hay-ann, who was present at the scene of the collision, was the officer. Hae’s role in the incident was later made public. It became clear that Hae’s decision regarding the upsetting Rainy Day recollections may have contributed to the accident. Even worse, he went to the hospital to see the patient, suggesting that he knew the truck driver. Tae, though, was still unaware of the circumstances.

May I Help You Ep 12: Release Date

Will Dong-Jo be able to bring Joon-ho to justice? The route doesn’t appear to be typical. Her personal boundaries must be broken for this. Will she comply? In May I Help You Ep. 12, which airs on December 1 at 9.50 p.m. KST, you will learn it. MBC will stream it for the local Korean audience. International viewers can watch it in the interim on Amazon Prime. But just a few places have access to it. Remain tuned.

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