Netflix Changes the Way It Counts Viewers Which Causes Changes to The All-Time Most Popular Lists. “Wednesday” Passes “Stranger Things 4” and “Queen Charlotte” Stays in The Running for A TV Show!

Netflix has made some big changes to how it counts how many people watch its streaming shows. The streamer will now report the average number of people who watched its shows as “views,” which is the number of hours watched split by the total length of the show. Netflix will still show the number of hours watched, but it will now use this new measure for its Top 10 lists, including its all-time Most Popular lists.

Also, Netflix has changed the time frame for measuring from 28 days to 91 days so that movies and TV shows have more time to grow. instead of Netflix’s own shows. It also gave a lot of weight to long-running shows, which are usually dramas. By figuring out the average number of viewers, the effect of all the movies and TV shows on the streamer can be better looked at.

One recent example of this is how Queen Charlotte didn’t make the most popular list in its 28-day window, even though the Bridgerton prequel had a great start. Since the series was just under six hours long, it had a hard time getting on the list, because every other series that had made it up to that point had been at least eight hours long.

By these new rules, Queen Charlotte is still in the game. The series has only been out for 47 days, so it still has plenty of time to make it to the most popular list, especially now that its shorter length won’t hurt it. This week, Queen Charlotte is back in the Top 10, which shows that people still like to watch it, which makes those chances even better.

This week’s Top 10 also shows how the new measure will improve the chances of success for half-hour comedies, which are usually at a disadvantage. Season 4 of Never Have I Ever came out on June 8, and from June 12 to June 18, 11.5 million people watched it. This put it at the top of the English-language TV charts. The first and third seasons were also on the list.

 ‘Wednesday’ Overtakes ‘Stranger Things 4’ & ‘Queen Charlotte’ Remains In Play For TV

Season 4 lasts about 200 minutes, which means that about 37M hours were spent watching the show during that measurement window. Even with the old measure, it’s possible that Never Have I Ever could have won, but it would have been harder and harder, especially if it had to compete with new shows that had much longer run times.

The larger measurement window will also help shows like Stranger Things and Knives Out that don’t have strong intellectual property. This gives the material more time to connect with people and become more popular over time.

Netflix’s new way of figuring out how many views a video has isn’t perfect. Obviously, it thinks that every time a user watches a new piece of content, they watch it all the way through. This is what makes the number of unique views higher in the end.

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In fact, it’s more likely that some people are watching more than once and that many people don’t watch all the way through the first time. But average viewership is a measure that makes it possible to compare audiences for streaming and linear TV since Nielsen and other third parties use it to report linear TV viewership. Nielsen counts streaming viewership based on the number of minutes watched, which has the same problems as Netflix’s old metric.

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