Oasis – K-Drama Episode 3 Recap & Release Date, Time & How To Watch?

The third episode of Oasis opens with Jung-aunt shin’s uncle, Jung Guk-young, remembering the fortune teller who foresaw a major change and wondering whether they will become chaebols. After throwing their business card, which Du-Hak catches up to, Jung-shin rushes out. Jung-shin, who is irate, walks to Young-restaurant JA’s to get a drink. She learns that the theater owner in Gwangju who assisted her, Geum-ok, is actually her aunt.

While assisting her move to Seoul, Hwang has advanced to the position of deputy director in Namsan, Captain Oh informs Mrs. Choi. She anticipates receiving a visit from Cheol-Woong, and Captain Oh is interested in the boy. When Hwang pays her a visit at her new residence, he offers to help her find employment. He calls her by her first name, Yeo-jin, and tells her not to waste her degree while she chuckles at the thought.

Early the following morning, Geum-ok notices Jung-shin standing outside her theater. It’s a good idea to get a second opinion if you have any doubts about the validity of the information presented. She is instructed by Jung-shin to purchase her Namhae theater and assume her 70 million won debt. She will assist Geum-ok in becoming the entertainment promoter for the entire nation in return.

But he finds it humorous, Geum-ok advises the woman to leave. Running after her on the street, Jung-shins apologizes for acting so haughtily. Geum-ok then gives Jung-shin an offer gets down on her knees to listen to the offer, becomes her maid, and then will buy the Namhae theatre when the time is right. Although embarrassed, Jung-shin agrees.

While Yeo-jin searches the campus for her son in another location, she discovers him dozing off. It’s time to become serious about your career. He finds it hilarious since Du-Hak stated the same thing and she is startled that the two boys met. She advises him to keep away because they are unrelated to the murderer. She slaps him when he claims that’s not the case.

The con artists aren’t doing well in the meantime because they can’t sell their fictitious Seongjin title deed to anyone. They begin their strategy after Du-Hak informs them about Jung-Aunt’s shins and uncle.

On the pretense that Cheon-ja is selling her building, Seongjin, for half the price and that doing so will make them rich, they meet with the Jungs. Nevertheless, the Jungs pull a UNO by offering the Namhae theater instead while claiming they are short on funds. The scammers agree to the agreement when they provide an additional 30 million won to sweeten it.

The con artists divide the money among themselves as a way of celebrating before splitting up. They don t provide anything to Du-Hak as he is a novice. But, they become perplexed when they reach the Namhae Theatre title deed. When Du-Hak expresses interest, Poong-ho is happy to oblige.

The neighborhood gang approaches the group as they attempt to depart and steal their money. The con artists agree in silence, but the gang leader becomes enraged when he removes Du-title Hak’s deed. The con artists are impressed when he beats them all up and retrieves the ownership deed. The group returns to their master Kwang-Tak, who is furious that they were attacked by a single man. They must bring Poong-ho and the person who beat them up to him within three days, he orders.

Knowing that Kwang-Tak has a tendency to harbor resentments, the con artists follow Du-Hak to his residence. The con artists want Du-protection hawk’s from the couple and Kwang-Tak when the Jungs learn they have been duped. The lad shows the least interest because they have never treated him like family, but they claim to be joking and declare him their leader. He chuckles at their pranks yet accepts them which finally makes them depart.

But later that evening, his mother and sister appear. They have dinner, but Du-Hak becomes upset when his sister Jung-ok says their father forced her to drop out of school so she could work in a factory in Seoul. Later, Mrs. Lee advises him not to get upset with his father too much despite the fact that he never paid him a visit in jail. She explains that once Lee was sent to Gwangju, he walked back home after depositing all of his money into Du-prison Hak’s fund.

With regard to Jung-ok, it is discovered that she has been taking medication to keep awake because she struggles at the factory. She hears about night school from a tea shop owner one evening as she is on her way home. He laughs at her question about whether people who attend night classes are communists.

Cheol-Woong sees Captain Oh in the interim, who informs him that they have more ambitious intentions. As he tries to object, the captain beats him up and threatens to murder him if he doesn’t comply. He instructs him to locate the protesters’ primary hiding place in a week. Cheol-Woong was detained during one of the student rallies, as seen in a flashback. Hwang had enlisted on his own, but had been forced into the military and had informed Yeo-jin so.

He agrees to be a mole among the protestors or Captain Oh will kill him. Cheol-Woong initially rejects, but after being tormented, he eventually agrees. Afterward, it is revealed that he receives an early discharge, rejoins his previous protest organization, and frequently listens in on them. Nevertheless, Captain Oh, who is torturing him, gets no information from him.

As for Jung-shin, she starts working with Geum-ok, reading out movie scripts and giving her investment recommendations. To Jung-surprise, shin’s Geum-ok discloses that she is illiterate and that she memorizes everything she is told. In spite of Jung-doubts shin’s about the viability of a film about poverty, Geum-ok decides to invest in it. As Du-Hak and Jang-Deuk visit Namhae at that time to conduct reconnaissance, they come across Jung-shin.

Oasis – K-drama Episode 3

Although agitated, Du-Hak follows her as Geum-ok drops her off at her new residence in Seoul. Because Jung-shin will be the new branch manager, the supervisor informs her that she must reside in Seoul. Despite being shocked by the sudden happenings, Jung-shin starts cleaning the apartment. Du-Hak secretly phones her several times from outside to hear her voice, grinning as Jung-shin chastises the caller for contacting her as a joke.

Meanwhile, some police break up Cheol-club Woong’s while pursuing them in an effort to apprehend communists and spies. He is captured and breaks his ankle, but Captain Oh saves him. Unhappy to see him, Cheol-Woong attempts to attack him for attacking the club. Captain Oh aims his rifle at him calmly.

Cheol-Woong, who is upset, goes to Du-Hak for a drink. The older lad agrees despite being astonished. As Du-Hak drives Cheol-Woong home after he consumes alcohol, they notice several students and the protest leader waiting for him. Du-Hak waits for Cheol-Woong all night as they take him away.

As he arrives at the institution out of concern, he discovers Cheol-Woong being questioned by students.

The leader ties together Cheol-early Woong’s military discharge and his escape from capture despite having a broken leg. Attempts to get a hold of him were unsuccessful.

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The Episode Review

Nonetheless, he continues until the leader stops them and orders Cheol-Woong to turn around. Du-Hak surmises that the leader was correct as they leave, but Cheol-Woong corrects him, saying that despite being tortured, he never divulged any information to Captain Oh. He sobs and collapses, and Du-Hak picks him up and carries him.

It appears that Du-Hak is not the only martyr who has undergone torture (no pun intended). But, seeing how Cheol-life Woong’s did not pan out as expected after he forced Du-Hak to take the fall for him feels incredibly karmic. He is not wealthy nor influential, nor is he an idealist or patriotic protester. He wishes he could be the latter, but his circumstances prevent him from being so.

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