One Dollar Lawyer Ep 12: Ji-Hun Will Perish! Do You Think Joo-Young Will Ever See Justice Done?

For the previous two weeks, One Dollar Lawyer Ep. 12 has been anxiously anticipated by fans. The destiny of Ji-hun was left up in the air as the story came to an abrupt end. He is, nonetheless, committed to bringing his departed lover’s killer to justice. But it doesn’t appear as if he will soon receive justice. He will face an honorable man in his task, thus the road will be difficult. It is yet unknown how Ji-hun will handle the situation. He will undoubtedly find himself in a dreadful situation, that much is certain. Read on to learn more.

One Dollar Lawyer Ep 12: What Will Happen Next?

The brief teaser gives away the fact that Ji-hun will vanish. Ji-close hun’s friends Mu-Jang and Mari would think he has vanished after the last episode. The teaser suggests that Ji-hun will carry on pursuing the evil men and that this time, the President is who he would be chasing. He won’t give up until the wealthy, powerful, and greedy man is imprisoned. But the teaser also highlighted an enigmatic man who plunges into the river. Has he perished? Well, the conclusion of the program will tell all. Additionally, it is still unknown how Ji-hun will seek retribution for the late Lee Joo-young.

A Quick Recap!

Ji-hun encountered Hyun-mu after pursuing Min-Chul in the previous episode. Ji-curiosity hun’s in those events was piqued by a revelation. As a result, he pursued Min-Chul into spotless corridors but eventually lost track of him when a guard appeared outside the room. Soon after, Mu-Jang arrived and attempted to infiltrate hostile territory to gather intelligence. There seems to be dubious activity going on inside. Following that, Ji-hun pulled up a knife and approached Min-Chul with the intention of stabbing him in front of everyone. However, he managed to save himself from doing something dreadful.

One Dollar Lawyer Ep 12

Later, Jin-hun stepped outside to confront Choi Ki-Seok, the chairman of JQ Group, who had killed his father. But choosing to take part in the auction compelled him to approach Min-Chul. He was almost stabbed at this very time. then halted when Ju-face Yeong’s flashed.

Thinking about Ju-Yeong at home, Ji-hun added a new name to his list of targets. The next morning, Mari and Mu-Jang were concerned about Ji-hun and considered ways to assist him. Ji-hun afterward paid Mari a visit at the law firm and inquired her what she would do in the event that the person she loved the most committed a heinous act. Ji-hun was partially satiated by her response.

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One Dollar Lawyer Ep 12: Release Date

For the previous few weeks, the show has been building anticipation for episode 12. Fans can see it on One Dollar Lawyer Ep. 12 on November 11, 2022, at 6.30 p.m


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