Reborn Rich Ep 7: Cancellation Notice! Doing Jun No Good Here! Check the Date of Publication!

First things first, sadly, viewers will have to wait a little while to watch how Do Jun’s life will pan out in Reborn Rich Ep 7. Unfortunately, the FIFA World Cup will cause the show to suffer. The characters will experience a roller coaster of emotions in the following episode as their true intentions are revealed, though. Do Jun had reached seven clouds after winning one triumph after another. But in the upcoming episode, his ability to predict the future will be put to the test. It will be exciting to observe how he handles everything. Read on to learn more.

Reborn Rich Ep 7: What Will Happen Next?

Reborn Rich Ep 7

In the final seconds of the previous episode, Do Jun revealed himself. Since Jin Yang Cheol is eager to find out who is responsible for the Miracle Investment and whose plan failed, it can present a challenge for him. However, he never anticipated that it would be Do Jun. It’s possible that Do Jun will come up with a pretext to sway Yang Cheol. Yang, however, is very knowledgeable about Do Jun, thus he cannot outsmart him.

Things will eventually get more interesting, and Yang Cheol might lose faith in him. It will ultimately result in conflict between the two. It’s also possible that the love triangle will be the main topic of Reborn Rich Episode 7. As they proceed with their emotional exploration, the cousins and Mo Hyun Min will encounter a challenging circumstance. The show will also examine Hwa Yeon and the Thai timeframe in addition to this. Returning to Do Jun, he will take advantage of this chance to make a bold comeback and begin the land’s redevelopment.

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A Quick Recap!

Do Jun had previously planned to invest in the Samyangdong land in Reborn Rich Ep 6, which would subsequently develop into Korea’s cultural epicenter. Yang Cheol, however, also recommended that Seong Jun purchase the site for the upcoming development project. The mayor of the city, however, was the only one with the authority to purchase the land. In the meantime, the elections were approaching, and Choi Chang Je, Chairman’s son-in-law, had political aspirations. His family, though, vehemently denied it. But Do Jun moved swiftly to take advantage of these elections.

Later, he committed to supporting Chang Je’s candidacy. He could benefit in many ways from it. He was elected mayor shortly after, and Miracle Investment later acquired the land’s rights. The region will be developed, according to the firm Jae. However,

Jin Yang Cheol had had enough and made the decision to overcome his challenges at all costs. After looking into the situation, a seizure warrant was issued against Miracle Investment, the property’s owner, as a result of Mason Oh’s detention. Later, he was instructed to contact all of the company’s main stockholders. Jin Yang Cheol was shocked to find that Do Jun was responsible for everything as he waited for the boss.

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Reborn Rich Ep 7: Release Date

Reborn Rich is, regrettably, taking a sabbatical. The new episode was scheduled to show on December 2, 2022, however, JTBC just confirmed that it would not due to the forthcoming World Cup match between South Korea and Portugal. As the country is closely following the World Cup match, the network chose to push the release date of the seventh episode. So, on December 3, 2022, at 10.30 p.m. KST, Reborn Rich Episode Seven will air. It will be accessible on local Korean television, like JTBC. International viewers can stream it in the interim on Viu. Remain tuned.

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