Season 10 of Rocket League Begins This Wednesday!

Season 10 of Rocket League, has been announced by developer Psyonix and will kick off on March 8th. For the upcoming season, participants can look forward to a brand-new Rocket Pass and the chance to drive the VW Golf II GTI in competition. We’re not joking when we say that, among all the other vehicles featured in the series, that looks like the most fun. A new variant design for Arena has been implemented, and it will seem like you’re in the middle of the desert at night next to an oasis. While you can find all the specifics on their site, we’ve included some additional comments and a trailer down below.

“The legendary fast hatchback Volkswagen Golf II GTI is featured in Rocket League Season 10’s Rocket Pass. Those who purchase Rocket Pass Premium gain access to the VW Golf GTI (Octane hitbox) immediately, with the possibility of gaining the more powerful Volkswagen Golf GTI RLE as they go through the Rocket Pass.”

Deadeye Canyon (Oasis), a new arena variety, will be available to participants in Season 10.

With the upcoming game patch before the Season begins, a new stat called “Average Wait Time” will be available for use with online playlists. The existing Playlist Population (Good, Excellent, Incredible) indicator has been replaced by an expected wait time while searching for an Online match.

rocket league season 10

Later this season, there will be a brand new Limited Time Event in the game that will have a focus on automobiles. We shall learn more next month.

Season 9 Competitive Prizes will be given very soon after Season 10 begins. In addition, this season brings calmer competitive tournament prizes.

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Rocket League Season 10: Starting Time Explained

As we’ve mentioned before, the new Rocket League season will begin on March 8, 2023. The update should be available at this time if Psyonix sticks to its usual schedule.

  • NA (West Coast): 8 a.m PST
  • NA (East Coast): 11 p.m. EST
  • UK: 4 p.m. GMT
  • Japan: 1 a.m. JST (March 9)

As always, the update should go live at the same time – it doesn’t matter which platform you’re on or which region you’re in. Once your download’s complete, you can jump right in and enjoy the show!

Rocket League Season 10

It’s possible that the Rocket League servers are unavailable even if you’ve already downloaded the update and tried to join a multiplayer queue. This typically occurs after a significant update or when a large number of people attempt to log in at the same time. Do nothing but kick back and fantasize about the fun you’ll have when you get back into real life.

If you want to get the most out of Rocket League, you should finish the current season’s Rocket Pass and collect your rewards before the start of the new season. One day, you’ll have to start over with nothing but a blank slate.

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