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Season 2, Episodes 9–10 (Finale) of Single’s Inferno: Release Date, Time, and Where to Watch Sneak Peek!

Single’s Inferno Season 2

A dating reality program from South Korea called Single’s Inferno swept the internet last year. The show follows 12 attractive single candidates as they fight to win each other’s hearts and find a way to paradise while stuck on a remote island.

If you’ve been following this over the past few weeks, you might be interested in learning when the newest episode will be available. So, stop wondering now!

Here is all the information you need to know about the release date, time, and location of Single’s Inferno Season 2 Episodes 9 and 10.

Where Can I Watch Single’s Inferno?

Ten episodes will make up this season, which will only be available on Netflix. On December 13th, the first two episodes aired, and two new episodes have been released every week thereafter.

Single’s Inferno Season 2 Episodes 9-10 Release Date

On January 10th at 5:00 PM, Single’s Inferno Season 2 Episodes 9 and 10 will be available (KST).

When viewing Single’s Inferno on catch-up, subtitles should be accessible. The length of episodes 9 and 10 is anticipated to be approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes, in keeping with the length of the remainder of the series.

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How Many Episodes Will Single’s Inferno Season 2 Have?

With that in mind, we’re currently in the final week of the 10-episode series. Expect things to come to a head as we learn stunning revelations and home truths!

Is There A Trailer For Single’s Inferno Season 2?

I’d say there is. We may anticipate a harsher season and fierce competition from the competitors. The trailer is provided below.

What do you anticipate as the drama of the show unfolds? What has Single’s Inferno’s most memorable scene been so far? Tell us in the comments section below!


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