Siren Season 4: Signing a Petition to Save the Show by Fans! Will It Eventually Find a New Home?

Since our last visit with Siren, at least three months have passed. However, after seeing its conclusion, viewers clamoured for information on Siren Season 4. Is it updated? After the broadcaster’s pronouncement, the series’ future is still uncertain. A petition for the fourth run was soon signed by the audience. However, nothing is currently known. The dramatic cliffhanger has made room for the continuation of the series, but the network has other plans for Siren Season 4. Read on to learn more.

The struggle of a mysterious young woman seeking information about her abducted older sister is the central theme of Dean White and Eric Wald’s drama Siren. She thus touched down in Bristol Cove, Washington, a seaside community known for historical tales of sightings of mermaids and mermen. Soon, marine biologists, Maddie and Ben begin to investigate what brought the deep-sea hunter to land.

Siren Season 4: Is It Happening?

When the first season debuted in March 2018, it quickly rose to the top spot among Freeform’s programming. The show received a lot of positive reviews from critics. It received a 6.9 out of 10 rating on IMDb and a 94% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. But at the third season’s end, the audience was still dwindling. As a result, the network chose not to air the fourth season of the programme. Freeform ended the programme in 2020 and declared the third season to be the last.

Will It Ever Return?

Siren Season 4

Drama fans eagerly signed a petition to revive Siren for Season 4 after Freeform announced its decision to axe the programme. Many people claimed that the series merits a decent conclusion. It is well-liked enough to make a fourth run. Therefore, the network should reconsider its choice. There are currently 1838 signatures; 2500 signatures must still be collected. The petition, however, was unsuccessful because the network kept quiet about the fourth season. There is, however, a chance that streaming services like Netflix and Prime Video will bring the programme back, much as they did with Lucifer and other shows.

Siren Season 4: Production Details

The show was cancelled by the broadcast network, as was already reported. However, the likelihood of production continuing a year later increases if we assume that a streaming service would bring the series back at some point in the future. This is due to the fact that the showrunner must manage the famous cast and the filmmaker’s busy schedule. So, we may anticipate that filming will begin in 2023.

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A Quick Recap!

The battle between Helen and her fellow hybrids to regain control of the town after Tia’s song had infected many residents was the main theme of the conclusion. Young Hope was persuaded to side with Tia, while Ben and Ryn requested military backup. Robb and Maddie talked about whether it would be possible to block Tia’s music. The remedy was effective. Hope was held captive in the ocean’s depths, and Tia intended to use her as bait to entice Ryn. Donna’s spirit appeared in front of her daughter Cami on the ground and informed her of the predicament.

Ben made the decision to use his new power to save Hope while Ryn prepared to meet the mermaid. Hope was saved, and he instructed her to go to the surface because it was a safe location. Ryn was outnumbered by Tia’s army at the time, but the situation changed when Yura and Robb’s colony showed up. Ryn killed Tia after a fierce struggle. Later, she became the leader of the merpeople, and everyone bowed down to her.

Siren Season 4: What Might Have Happened?

Ryn is still looking for Ben, who never returned, despite the fact that everyone else has gone on and opted to live their lives as they choose. He can breathe underwater, yet other people think he’s passed away. However, if it comes back, we could get to read Ryn’s memoirs and how she reconciles with Ben. Additionally, there’s a possibility that Ben and Hope are together someplace in the ocean. Thus, the couple’s fate may be the main topic of the future season.

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Siren Season 4: Cast Details

The fourth season might focus on Ben, as was already suggested. The reappearance of Eline Powell as Ryn Fisher and Alex Roe as Ben Pownall is therefore inevitable. But it’s still unknown whether Maddie (Fola Evans-Akingbola), who has left the community and left behind painful memories, will come back. The likelihood of Xander McClure (Ian Verdun) making a comeback is likewise slim.

Siren Season 4: Release Date

After announcing its cancellation, Freeform has not yet brought the show back. However, it could not take long for the series to return to your screen if it is being filmed. It only takes six to seven months to finish filming. As a result, we can anticipate that Siren Season 4 will air in 2024. Remain tuned.

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