Survivor Season 44 Episode 3 Preview: When, Where, and How to Watch the Premiere?

The popular international reality television series Survivor is based on the Swedish series Expedition Robinson, and the American version is called Survivor. The program, which is currently in its 44th season—an astonishing accomplishment in and of itself—seems poised to pick up where it left off.

The 18 participants that are competing for domination were separated into the Orange Tribe, Green Tribe, and Purple Tribe after last week’s introductions.

To establish camp and take on a range of tasks, these guys and girls will need to collaborate. We’ll learn a lot about intestinal fortitude as the weeks go on, as well as who will put in the most effort to be the last person standing and winning the season.

If you’ve been following this over the past few weeks, you might be interested in learning when the upcoming episode will air. So, stop wondering now!

Here is all the information you require on Survivor Season 44 Episode 3, including the air date, time, and location.

Where Can I Watch Survivor Season 44?

The following day, Survivor will be shown on the CBS network and streamed online on GlobalTV. Also, it’s accessible online in the US via the CBS All Access website. It has a $5.99 monthly fee for limited advertisements. You’re looking at an increase to $9.99 for an ad-free.

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Survivor Season 44 Episode 3 Release Date

The third episode of Season 44 of Survivor will air on March 15 at 8 p.m. (ET). There is currently no official release date for this one, which is unfortunate for folks in the UK and other countries.

Subtitles should be accessible when watching Survivor on catch-up. The duration of Episode 3 is predicted to be around 50 minutes. This is in line with when the other episodes of the series will take place.

How Many Episodes Will Survivor Season 44 Have?

Survivor Season 44

Although CBS hasn’t formally stated the number of episodes, the majority of seasons have often lasted 13 to 14 episodes, and that’s likely to be the case here as well. After this one, there will be 11 more episodes to see because we do know that filming began over a 26-day period.

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Is There A Trailer For Survivor Season 44?

There is, in fact. A trailer is available here:

What do you anticipate seeing as the series develops over the coming weeks? What s been your favorite moment of Survivor thus far? Tell us in the comments section below!

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