The Curse of Oak Island, Season 10, Episode 1: “on Their Marks” Drops a Treasure Hint!

The History Channel has finally returned after a year with The Curse Of Oak Island Season 10 Episode 1. Now that the show has been revived, it will finally transport us to the undiscovered country. The Lagina brothers will come back to unravel the truth about Oak Island. But this kind will have an advantage. This is so that they can understand more about the riches and underground passage thanks to advanced technologies. Read on to learn more.

The Curse Of Oak Island Season 10 Episode 1: What Will Happen Next?

The Curse Of Oak Island Season 10 Episode 1

Marty, Rick, and their team will visit Oak Island one more in the forthcoming episode, “On Their Marks.” Finally, after ten years of looking, they will find the underground building. They do, however, possess excellent technology that will enable them to map the subsurface structure. They will find proof of a tunnel in the Money Pit with its assistance. They will soon have the riddle figured out.

Finding the treasure is only one aspect of the riddle, though. And it’s figuring out who concealed the riches. This October, a few special episodes of season 10 were broadcast, and they revealed something Rick and Marty had discovered. Three suspects had been found: Prince Henry Sinclair, the Portuguese Order of Christ, and the Knights Baronet. Therefore, one of the three had been buried, according to the Lagina brothers. But after they find the wealth, it will be made clear.

A Quick Recap!

The Curse Of Oak Island Season 10 Episode 1

The crew found a new device to let them get to the Money Pit’s beneath-surface region in the previous season finale. The squad had to cope with challenges like climate change and others, therefore the episode was really action-packed. However, there had been a lot of drilling going on at the Money Pit all season long. Additionally, the expert examined the objects they discovered and looked into a fresh area of cobblestone. When they finally started drilling, it was at the fifth and last caisson, which was rather profitable. The sound of the hammer on some wood suggested that it was sustaining a tunnel.

But their luck was insufficient. This is due to the fact that the bedrock was brought closer the deeper they dug. It became clear that there was a problem with the caisson drilling. Rick, on the other hand, convened everyone in the War Room to talk about muon tomography. Muon Tomography, according to representatives of Ideon Technology, Vancouver, might enable them to map the entire subsurface region. As a result, the detectors positioned beneath the boreholes would find any chambers, holes, voids, tunnels, or treasures hidden below. However, it took the detectors seven to eight months to collect the data.

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The Curse Of Oak Island Season 10 Episode 1: Release Date

To find the treasure, the Lagina brothers will keep excavating in the Money Pit. But they will be astounded by what they find. You may see it on The Curse Of Oak Island Season 10 Episode 1, which airs on the History Channel on November 15, 2022, at 9:00 p.m. ET. Remain tuned.

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