The Simpsons – Season 34 Episode 11: “The Goon” Recap and Review!

Moe is depressed and angry over his inability to have a serious job after King Toot boasts about his success as a hockey coach. After winning a participation trophy in sports, Lisa is brought home by Homer. Homer is tasked with taking Bart to his first junior hockey game by Marge. Homer leaves, but not before saying some derogatory things. As the team’s coach, Moe addresses his players prior to the game.

Despite their best efforts, Moe’s team fails. As he makes his way home, he sees Nelson mistreating Martin. Moe invites Nelson to join his hockey team after becoming impressed. Nelson declines, and Moe leaves after dropping a note.

Just as the game starts, Nelson arrives to Moe’s astonishment. Nelson dominates the opposition, which makes it simple for Bart to score goals. The team triumphs, but the outcomes are unacceptable because Nelson wasn’t wearing skates. Nelson’s goonery has impressed Moe, who takes him to the Top Goon Academy to hone his bullying techniques so they can be employed in the game. He is instructed that in every circumstance, he must protect his primary (Bart). Nelson receives the honorific title of Top Goon during graduation.

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Every team in the competition is destroyed by Moe’s team. Nelson, though, slaps Bart for making fun of Moe just before the championship game. Because Bart is no longer able to participate, a furious Moe orders Nelson to go.

Moe quickly comes to the conclusion that reprimanding and ignoring Nelson—a young child—was a terrible mistake. He looks all over for him. Nelson has, in the meantime, been hanging out with undesirables. The kidnapped man’s face is covered, so Nelson’s new boss gives him an iron rod to beat him with. Moe, on the other hand, shows up just in time to prevent Nelson from entering the criminal underworld. Moe is shocked to see King Toot as the cloth is taken off. Moe begs Nelson to let King Toot go despite his problems with him, showing the true kindness of a wonderful man.

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Moe and Nelson depart and make the decision to part ways violently. To remove the Hockey trophy and give it to Nelson, Moe breaks the window of King Toot’s store. Bart is at the clinic getting his wounded arm’s movement trained. Homer is horrified to learn that he would have to wait for Bart to recuperate completely for several months.

We must praise the scripting for its originality even though the product is only average. The Simpsons’ most recent episode shows they still have plenty of storylines to work with. Even if they may not be very funny, there are moments to enjoy. We can say that despite the season’s halfway point, our curiosity about what lies ahead hasn’t diminished much.

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