Fact Checking Policy

Due to the proliferation of false information online, it is incumbent upon us to verify any claims made. 

We here at Bucslifenewsmedia are dedicated to bringing you news that is not only factual but also fair and dependable. To ensure the greatest levels of credibility in our reporting, we have established the following steps for checking facts:

We take great care to ensure the correctness of all of our writing.

Trust from readers or viewers is the most important factor for any media outlet. Only truthful, impartial, and well-balanced reporting can win and keep people’s trust. It is essential that We keep pushing ourselves to improve the accuracy of all of Our content. In our view, “due accuracy” refers to the precision that is not only up to par with what is expected, but also wholly satisfying. 

We consider things like the nature of the material being delivered, the background of the target audience, and any other relevant context details in our pursuit of precision. Every news story is written with the intention of being as factually accurate as possible, with support from the people most directly affected by the story.

We approach claims with skepticism, investigate assumptions, and evaluate conventional knowledge. Despite our best efforts, we recognize that some questions will always remain unanswered. Yet, there is a distinction between the rigor required to fact-check material on soft and hard topics. For instance, a favorable report praising an NGO’s work might require a different set of sources than an investigative story.

All of our content is double-checked against these standards before being released:

We check to see sure the news we share has been vetted and is based on solid evidence before airing it. If we can’t independently verify a story’s veracity, we must properly credit the platform from where it originated.

Every effort is made to confirm any claims, allegations, or information attributed to official sources or from anyone we believe may have an agenda beyond merely reporting the facts. Therefore, we qualify and underline any material, such as assertions or allegations, that we are unable to verify.