Enlighten is Making the Cannabis Industry Smarter

Jeremy Jacobs, a digital marketing specialist, and Colby McKenzie, an attorney, came up with this business idea in Bowling Green, Kentucky after recognizing the lucrative potential in the quickly growing cannabis sector.

Enlighten, a technology business that specializes in retail and marketing has grown to be the biggest cannabis technology company in the country.

Given that Jacobs and McKenzie first introduced Enlighten in June 2018, this achievement is exceptionally remarkable. As part of a wider technology acquisition and implementation strategy, Enlighten was created after a repositioning. When Enlighten first debuted in early 2017, Eyechronic simply had an in-store education network as its primary goal.

Enlighten is a global leader in integrating and balancing the needs of retailers and marketers, giving its advertising clients access to approximately 2,000 digital displays run by more than 1,000 dispensaries in the United States, Canada, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico.

Many of the same dispensaries have picked Enlighten to create their retail software, which is used in storefronts and on websites that are linked with dispensaries.

Enlighten Listens when Clients Converse

Enlighten is Making the Cannabis Industry Smarter

Enlighten has built a reputation for its creative and proactive approach to problem-solving during its reign as the cannabis industry’s leading IT company.

The kind of organizations that determine what kind of product they can manufacture and how they’re going to market it is one of two types, according to Chairman and CEO Jeremy Jacobs. There are also businesses like Enlighten that research the actual difficulties and issues people encounter before coming up with solutions.

For determining the type and scope of those issues, Jacobs and McKenzie have created a straightforward but highly successful technique.

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To identify any bottlenecks and learn which needs aren’t being satisfied, they communicate candidly and frequently with both current and potential clients. After that, they customise their research and development efforts to produce goods that might meet those wants.

According to Jacobs, “Retailers were saying that they needed better technological systems, especially those that they used to communicate with their consumers, such as online ordering platforms, self-service kiosks, and their [in-store] menus that needed to be updated in real-time.”

Cannabis growers, meanwhile, have been ready to promote their goods to consumers seeking it for recreational or therapeutic purposes. But specific legal limitations that are specific to cannabis have precluded them from doing so.

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A Proclamation of The Elighten Smarthub

The R&D strategies employed by Enlighten throughout its first year of operation included an ad hoc component. They naturally concentrated on finding quick fixes for issues cannabis shops and their advertising clients were now facing because they were starting their company from scratch.

The retail environment still needed to have certain gaps filled, though. holes, in particular, that could only be filled by integrating technology systems that could carry out crucial functions concurrently and instantly.

The problems were completely solved, but none of our remedies, according to Jacobs, actually fit together or addressed all of the issues. You must log into each of these independent solutions using a different system.

In a digital setting, it should be possible to almost instantly connect the company’s consumer outlets to the stock room. Since digital networks can be built to connect these diverse sites, this should be the case even if numerous customer touchpoints need to be updated.

Other industries have systems that can achieve this. However, they have been tardy in entering the cannabis market, providing opportunities for forward-thinking businesses with the knowledge and know-how to profit from this circumstance.

Think about businesses like Enlighten. Enlighten has defeated the competition yet again with the launch of its new SMARTHUB solution for shops.

Enlighten SMART HUB is the result of years of listening to dispensaries and retail operators, and it now consolidates everything into one system, according to Jacobs.

Enlighten Cannabis dispensaries are integrated with their point-of-sale outlets through the centralized inventory management system known as SMARTHUB. Inventory data may be converted into numerous e-commerce vendors’, in-store digital menus’, and self-service kiosks’ native languages concurrently and in real-time using SMART HUB software. Everywhere users browse a dispensary’s product list, precise and quick changes are possible because of automation.

Employees at dispensaries were forced to manually enter this information for each POS location until Enlighten SMART HUB was developed. The quick execution of this strategy was difficult, laborious, and slow.

Given the missed chances and customer resentment always caused by unsuccessful attempts to purchase out-of-stock items from outdated menus, it added a level of inefficiency that, in the end, might lose vendors both money and clients. However, everything has changed since the arrival of Enlighten SMART HUB.

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Cannabis Requires Education

Enlighten is Making the Cannabis Industry Smarter

Despite its rapid expansion, there is still some economic separation between the cannabis business and the rest of the economy.

Cannabis business owners are dependent on internal changes that can effectively raise the sector from the ground up in order to survive. These will involve implementing technology that benefits both parties and employing clever business tactics that are not constrained by ongoing legal obstacles.

Enlighten is establishing an encouraging example that other cannabis business owners would do well to imitate by providing creative and well-targeted software solutions that boost efficiencies at the retail-marketing nexus. Enlighten is illuminating the road to a more promising future for everyone with its ground-breaking SMARTHUB system.

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