Free and Easy Cycling Hacks to Make Every Ride Better: How To Improve Every Bike Ride for Free and Simplely!

You should up your training mileage and intensity on the bike. In addition to minimising the time spent travelling, each journey can be enhanced in various other ways. We have collected 23 recommendations to help improve your travel experiences.

Put Together Two Pieces of Bar Tape

Wrapping two spools of tape over the handlebars will reduce road noise, making the ride more pleasant for your hands. You’ve probably seen this tactic in action if you’ve ever competed on the horrible pavé at the Spring Classics. Wrapping an old inner tube around your handlebars under your present tape is a cheap but efficient solution. You need to take the inner tube out and cut it to size before usage.

Second, Try Sleeping on An Empty Stomach

Free and easy cycling hacks to make every ride better

The body will start burning its own fat if you go five hours without eating, says fitness guru and author Bob Harper. If you eat dinner at 8:00 p.m., according to this theory, your body will begin metabolising fat around 1:00 a.m. Your body’s ability to produce hormones associated with restful sleep improves if it doesn’t have to process any carbohydrates. Scientist and cycling coach Dr. Allen Lim says, “the top pros go to bed a little bit hungry.” When you skip dinner, you may expect to lose around a pound per week.

Wear Clothes that Are Bright in Colour

An alternative for when the sun comes out again. Wearing dark colours when cycling in the heat is not a good idea. The sun’s beams are reflected rather than absorbed by darker colours. Tinted with a light colour, they are reflected.

Also, when we talk about the clothes, we only ever address the tops (jerseys, etc.) and never the shorts. There’s no way a cyclist should ever wear white shorts. Why? because they immediately show you if any dirt or leaks have appeared on your body while you were riding. Ewww…

Always Put on Sunscreen; That’s Number Four

When you spend a lot of time on your bike in the sun, you run the danger of getting a sunburn if you don’t reapply sunscreen frequently. Tan lines are great, but sunburn isn’t. The use of miniature shampoo containers, like those seen in hotel rooms (we all have them, don’t we? ), is one option.

One alternative is a case designed specifically for contact lenses (you can buy packs of four for less than a fiver on Amazon). Don’t forget to stow away the lip balm and the sunscreen in the respective eye cases.

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Use Stop Signs as Inspiration

You can find situations in which traffic signals are helpful, sometimes helpful, and downright terrible. Take full advantage of these alternatives to shed extra pounds and improve your anaerobic fitness.

If you’re driving and notice that a set of lights ahead is still green, speed up to them and blast through them so you can catch your breath before the following set of lights changes to red or amber. Except when you’re caught in a “green wave,” when you’ll have no choice but to run so rapidly that you’ll honk your cereal.

You should exercise caution and do so at your own risk when using this training approach, since it will necessitate the cooperation of other drivers who must follow the rules of the road and keep out of your way. Don’t, under any circumstances, disregard the reds.

Use an Extension to Get More Mileage out Of Your Old Inner Tubes

Used inner tubes can be fashioned into resistance bands to be used for stretching before and after a ride. In addition to keeping your muscles supple and your wallet full, you’ll be doing your part for the planet and saving money. The situation can benefit everyone involved.

Always Have a Roll of Duct Tape on Hand

Free and easy cycling hacks to make every ride better

Well done, duct tape. It can be used to fix a flat tyre in an emergency and also to fix a punctured mudguard or waterproof. If you don’t need it, just attach a piece to your seat post or an onboard pump.

In case your primary mechanical hanger breaks, never venture out without it. You should always have a spare gear hanger, or replaceable dropout, on hand. Because of its proximity to the more expensive rear derailleur and frame, the gear hanger on your bike is usually made of a comparatively brittle metal.

However, it is still possible to ruin it by employing inappropriate equipment. Because picture hangers are often made specifically for your frame, finding a replacement may prove tricky. So, go to a bike shop and buy one if you don’t have one already, and keep it on you at all times.

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Number Nine: Always Carry a Plastic Five Dollar Bill

Short-term fixes can be made using the new plastic five pound notes, which some may view as play money. If you suffer a flat tyre and are in risk of being stranded, you can use the note as a makeshift boot inside the tyre.

The energy bar wrapper will do in place of a fiver if you forget your wallet. Eh? So why not just grab an energy bar first?

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Always Replace the Valve Caps. 10

When you next need to replace your inner tube, be sure to hang onto the valve cap. Why? The top is removed to reveal a converter for a Schrader valve, which can be used with a Presta valve. You can use it to get gas at the nearby convenience store if you’re in a pinch.

Finding an Asda or Tesco gas station that doesn’t charge extra for air can be difficult, but a Sainsbury gas station might be an option if you’re strapped for cash.

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