Ikea Hacks – Best Furniture Updates to Help Renovate Your Decor

The finest IKEA hacks are a cost-effective and straightforward method to give a room new appeal without going over budget, whether you want to be more environmentally friendly or you have a renovation budget you need to stay to.

Not only are these affordable DIY projects simple to complete, they also guarantee that your home will have a stylish aesthetic and a cool, personalized touch. After all, nobody desires to have furniture that is identical to that of their neighbors.

Livingetc’s editor Pip Rich claims that “IKEA hacks” are routine practice. We adore the innovation that is added to IKEA’s pre-made products and the personality and flair that are infused into them. The amount of time and imagination you have seems to be the only restriction, based on what we are giving here.

A Beautiful Wall-To-Wall Dining Display Unit Should Be Built

ikea hacks

Built into an alcove, this lovely wall-to-wall storage was made by Steph @henrikjunehome using Billy bookshelves and Oxberg glass doors. It required rigorous measuring abilities, hard labor, and creative ingenuity.

Steph started by removing the alcove’s border boards in order to build the unit. “Starting and messing up the perfectly beautiful baseboards,” she explains, “was the worst part.”

Using leftover plywood, Steph created a robust base and added a butcher block countertop for the Billy bookcases to rest on.

She used leftover wood brackets, studs, and screws to extend the depth of the built-in bookcases. After that, the Billy bookcases’ side panels were fitted. She may be more organized and hold more items because to the greater depth.

To provide the storage a fashionable backdrop, Steph placed the shelves and adhered pieces of wood shiplap to the back panel. When the frame was finished, she individually painted the doors and the frame white. She attached them to the frame after they had dried. After all the difficulty, difficulty, and uncertainty, Steph adds, “It was totally worth it.”

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Dip a Tarva Chest of Drawers in The Reverse

An old IKEA Tarva chest of drawers purchased from Facebook Marketplace has been completely converted by clever furniture changer @ebonybasten.

Ebony began by removing the outdated handles and smoothing down the wooden drawer unit. She drilled fresh holes for the new knobs and wood filled any gaps.

In order to highlight the grain pattern on the lower half of the chest of drawers, she combined two wood dyes. She painted the top portion in matt black paint after measuring and using frog tape to guarantee straight lines.

Installed drawer knobs in the opposite colors—brass for the top drawers and black for the lower drawers—after they had dried.

Even though she acknowledges that this step is a little tedious, Ebony fitted peel and stick wallpaper drawer liners. It’s my second time creating drawer liners, and I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t enjoy it, says Ebony. They are beautiful, but it is so tedious.

Even with sharp blades, the paper can clump up as you cut it, which is part of the issue. Using a trick she’d seen, fellow hacker @lucysfurniture designs shared how to make drawers out of poster board that has been cut to the right size and then covered before being inserted within the drawers.

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Use an Old Hemnes Tv Stand to Create a Modern Media Unit

This was made by the Australian artist @ebonybasten once again. Ebony created a chic media unit out of an old, dark-brown Hemnes TV stand. Since the one she had was made of wood, she primed it and sanded it down to the bare wood before painting it with a whitewash that was made of 50 percent paint and 50 percent water.

Use a mixture of 25% emulsion and 75% water for lighter coverage, advises Ebony. Reverse it for a darker finish, using 75% paint and 25% water. Apply the whitewash with long, smooth strokes of paint. Then, using a towel free of melanin, wipe it off after about a minute. Ebony advises using another application to level out any patchiness.

At last, she utilized a water-based (not oiled-based, which will yellow it). With the addition of brass knobs, Ebony painted the remaining portions of the frame and drawers in a light grey Dulux shade.

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A Hemnes Shoes Cabinet Must Be Shift

ikea hacks

@maxinealamaison gave this outdated Hemnes shoe cabinet a fashionable makeover after purchasing it from Facebook Marketplace.

Maxine cleaned the used cabinet with sugar soap after removing the doors and sanding the frame with 180 grit sandpaper. She took out the handles and plastic shoe holders to make it simpler to sand, clean, and paint the doors and unit.

To match the color of Farrow & Ball’s Moles breath, she utilized Johnstone’s paint. ‘ The moment the first coat is applied, when Maxine remarks, is the best. It’s really fulfilling.

Maxine used a saw and miter box to cut some pine moldings after the second coat had been applied, adding them to the doors as a fashionable finishing touch.

Using a miter box, Maxine explains, “ensures that all the cuts on the moldings have 45-degree angles so they fit.” I smooth up the edges with 180 grit paper after that.

Maxine decided on a 25 mm space around the exterior edge of the doors, and after the doors had dried, she placed the moldings there to check out how they looked before gluing them in place. While the moldings dried, she cleaned up any glue seepage and clamped them in place.

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