Pop Up Camper Tips and Tricks (Organize, Mods, Ideas And Hacks)

Pop-up campers are an affordable form of RV travel. Choose from a hard-sided Aliner or a-frame camper, a tent trailer pop-up, or both. These are lightweight and readily hauled. We’ve had some incredible boondocking adventures in our pop-up. I’ll provide some straightforward advice in this article that will make pop-up camping more enjoyable and simple.

Pop up Camper Setting Advice

pop up camper hacks

Setting up your camper might be a simple thing to get wrong. The rest of your camping trip can be made simple by following a structured plan for this.

The majority of your lessons will come through experience. You might come up with your own method of putting it up because no two people are same. Anyway, allow me to go through a few suggestions that one should abide by when setting up a campground.

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Awnings Provide More Space

A pop-up camper’s additional awning can rival its interior in quality. It provides room for you to walk about, unwind, and sit.

Awnings provide you more room to camp and make it easier to set up everything outside. Unless you have a larger camper, their interiors are very small, making interior setup difficult.

Awning space will make your life much simpler, especially if you have children. Get a fold-able table and set everything on it while placing your chairs underneath. Awning shade will also assist keep the interior of the camper cool.

The amount of room you have for camping will most certainly be greatly affected by an awning. Staying inside the tent trailer all the time might be challenging, especially when the outside weather is not as chilly.

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For Protection, Install a Screen Room

The icing on the cake could be adding a screen room along with your awning. This design is truly possible and allows for greater enjoyment when the weather is nice.

This is comparable to really expanding your camper. Insects can be kept out, the weather can be protected against, and you can have some privacy with a screen room.

Additionally, it aids in shielding you from the sun’s rays and the rain. Although we have never used one of these, we have seen others camping with screen rooms, and I can assure you that it makes a significant impact.

Even though this arrangement may be challenging at first, you can get the hang of it and make it simple. If you are not considering upgrading the RV itself, it is a bit more expensive to go with, but it can make a difference.

Add Gizomos to The Roof

Utilizing pop-up gadgets can be quite beneficial. They offer your canvas, which is already thin, further protection. You can maintain the heat when it’s cool outside and keep the pop-up camper cool in the summer with the help of modern technology. In the winter, they act as insulation and aid in heat reflection from the outside.

It will give you a more comfy feeling in a pop-up camper that might otherwise be flimsy. A typical pop-up tent trailer isn’t particularly difficult, save for the roof and the floor. Installing gizmos actually makes a difference because the walls aren’t very great.

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Level the Camper

Setting up your tent trailer at the camping site requires levelling it. The breadth can be increased as needed by using levelling bricks that stack.

However, we typically choose the conventional plastic or lego versions that stack up together. People also use metal or wooden levellers. They are really useful because they are sturdy and brightly coloured. Since they are easily recognised, you don’t forget about them when you depart.

Get a surface that is levelled first, and that is another thing I would advise. You may quickly level the camper using this technique with little effort. Some folks may wonder why you even level the camper. You’ll struggle if your camper isn’t level.

Things rolling down the trailer will make cooking challenging and make it tough to fall asleep. In an RV that isn’t level, the refrigerator can also break down.

Purchase a Voltage Fluctuation Monitor

Put in a voltage metre to monitor voltage changes. It is possible for your appliances to be damaged by a voltage surge or drop while you are camping.

It is therefore preferable to have some sort of method to check on it. Use an AC line metre to measure the voltage and look for any fluctuations.

When Nobody Is Around, Zip the Windows and Pop Them Up

pop up camper hacks

Make sure to carefully zip up the camper before leaving if you’re leaving it. Despite the sunny and pleasant weather, anything could happen.

It will flood if there is a storm or a lot of rain. Before you move aside, just check the weather. The awning is similarly applicable. If you are not close to the camper, make sure you retract it. With strong gusts, awnings can sustain damage.

Purchase Folding Chairs and Tables

It will be a good idea to purchase foldable chairs and a table for outside setting. We utilise about 3–4 extremely space-efficient chairs that fold up, can be stacked one on top of the other, and fit inside our storage.

Also true of the tables. They are folded and piled. Having such furniture can be really helpful when setting up an outdoor space. Since the tent trailer limits your overall area, it truly matters.

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