Shower Head Cleaning Hacks: Easiest Ways to Clean Your Shower Head

Homeowners have more than their fair share of duties and obligations. Everyone has some area of the house that needs to be cleaned more than once a week, from the kitchen floor to the ceiling fan to the sofa to the backyard.

While the bathroom is one of the most bacteria-infested parts of the house—ironically, less so than the kitchen (ew)—the shower head doesn’t always make the cut when it comes to spring cleaning (or summer, or fall). It’s one of those things you only remember to clean after something breaks.

However, cleaning your shower head should be a seasonal priority according to cleaning business RocketMaids. In the event that you are unable to clean it every four months, you have around a two-month window in which to do so. Apartment Therapy warns that plumbing problems can arise after six months…

Just one caveat: You’ll want to forego the bleach when you finally get around to this sometimes overlooked chore. Using bleach to clean your shower head has been shown to increase bacteria levels by up to three times, according to the Shower Head Store. In other words, how can you put this to good use? If you’re looking to upgrade your shower head, we’ve compiled a list of the top picks.

Soak Your Showerhead in Vinegar

shower head cleaning hacks

This is a great opportunity for those of us who enjoy cleaning our homes while sitting back and letting the robots do the work for us. One of the easiest and most efficient methods to keep your shower head sparkling is to use a product that performs all the work for you.

Ziploc bags, white vinegar, and an elastic band or strong, waterproof tape are all you’ll need. Submerge the shower head in a plastic bag that has been filled halfway with vinegar.

Prevent leakage by taping or elastic banding the top of the container. You can then turn on the shower and slowly fill the rest of the bag with water, which should cover the entire shower head. To avoid a little burst of vinegar, be sure to fill the bag gradually with water.

Shower Head Cleaning: Use a Paste of Baking Soda and Water

Is there no vinegar? There is no problem at all! Let us know if there’s anything else you can think of that can do the dirty work for you! In fact, because we’re already in the bathroom, half of the ingredients you’ll need are right there on your counter! In order to achieve a thick paste that is neither watery nor clumpy, the author of Morning Chores recommends adding water to a 1:1 ratio with baking soda.

Do not hesitate to cover the shower head’s nozzles with the mixture, as that is where most buildup occurs. Observe your results by running water through the shower head for around 30 minutes.

Shower head cleaning can be made much more effective by mixing four or five drops of dish soap with two teaspoons each of baking soda and vinegar, as described in Taste of Home’s guide. There are many ways to submerge it, including option one!

Don’t Be Frightened to Clean Your Shower Head Using Toothpicks or Brushes

In order to clean your shower head, you’ll need some special tools, like a microfiber cloth or sponge.. Toothpicks can safely be used to remove any gunk or dirt caked within your shower head as long as you are gentle when doing so, according to General Plumbing. To avoid damaging the shower head’s internal components, use a set of short hoses to clear the holes!

Regularly using a toothbrush or a non-abrasive scrub brush is an additional option to consider. @shannen Castro, a TikTok user, has a great tip for avoiding the effort of cleaning up afterward: When showering, have a Dawn dish soap and vinegar-filled stand-up brush in the shower.

Having a microphone in the shower lets you sing along to your favorite songs while you wash your hair, making it a win-win situation all around.

Lemons Can Be Used to Clean Chrome Showerheads

shower head cleaning hacks

It’s usually a good idea to conduct some research before beginning any home improvement job, whether it’s a simple spring clean or a more extensive remodel.

Shower heads can be damaged if they are cleaned in a way that will damage the finish. When used over extended periods of time, vinegar can eat away at metals like chromium, despite its reputation as an excellent natural cleanser and disinfectant. If you’re using a commercial cleaning, be sure it’s safe first before letting your shower head soak in it!

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According to Simply Maid, There Is a More Natural Solution if Your Shower Head Is Made of Chrome

Juice half of a lemon into a basin, then add warm water to make a simple lemonade. There is no need to use harsher cleaners like bleach or ammonia when you can simply use the lemon’s pith to clean the shower head. As a tool and cleaning solution in one, we give this method an extra point.

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