Review of Season 1 of Marie Antoinette: Fascinating and Entertaining Historical Drama!

Deborah Davis’s period play is founded on the last French Queen before the French Revolution. Marie Antoinette, a young woman who must leave her home country behind in order to marry Louis Cunningham and become the Dauphine of France, is the main subject of the book.

As time goes on, Marie learns that holding the throne comes with obligations, such as the restriction on her right to live her life as she pleases, the ongoing pressure to have a son, and the duty to uphold the alliance between France and Austria.

The series’ first few episodes get off to a good, if slow, start. Young Antoinette is showcased as helpless but not naive. She begins to sense the pressure that comes with having to bear a child who could bring Austria and France together. During this time, she is seen frantically trying to come up with a strategy to win over Louis in spite of his resistance.

Marie Antoinette Season 1

Here, the show starts to establish the basis for the intriguing interaction between Antoinette and Louis. Although Louis’s awkwardness and constant running away is saddening to witness, you can t help but sympathize with Antoinette, at the beginning at least. Her character adopts several dubious terminologies at the end of the show, which can turn some viewers off.

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The show s reinterpretation of the storyline involving Antoinette and Louis’s marital problems, as well as the final resolution, is executed extremely well and with a hint of humor too, which makes the tension less intense. According to various historical reports, Antoinette was outgoing and Louis was reticent, which ruined their relationship; this feature is thoroughly portrayed in the show.

Marie Antoinette Season 1

The episodes do a great job of showing Louis’ character growth as the plot progresses. Particularly Louis develops significantly as the show goes on. The awkward, withdrawn youngster transforms into a regal Monarch.

The stunning period-piece cinematography also has a graceful, royal-French vibe to it. Moreover, the exquisite outfits are a charming touch, doing a great job of highlighting Marie Antoinette s sense of taste. As the episodes go on, Antoinette’s hairstyle also becomes more complex and lengthens upward. According to historical accounts, Marie Antoinette had a great sense of fashion and a tall, elegant hairstyle.

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The young Queen is portrayed by Emilia Schule, who truly owns her role. Louis Cunningham, who plays the King, does a fantastic job of capturing the shy, awkward young dauphin, so you can’t help but giggle as a viewer. Joseph, who was portrayed by the same actor who also did an exceptional job in the Queen’s role, adds a lot of humor and color to the otherwise tense plot.

In conclusion, Marie Antoinette offers an intriguing and enjoyable perspective on the young woman and her time serving as the final French Queen. The cinematography, costume designs, hairstyles, and set designs are truly impressive and despite some late narrative wobbles, make this a worthy period drama well worth a watch.

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