A Review and Recap of Servant Season 4 Episode 4 “Boo”

On the night before Halloween, Servant’s fourth episode opens with toilet paper strewn over the streets. Hey, look at that great tender for 2020! Dorothy watches old tapes of her reporting days, when she was known as the Queen of Halloween, inside the Turner home. However, things have changed since then, despite Sean’s efforts to persuade her that they haven’t.

Julian arrives and discovers silly string and paper all over his car as the house-helping sisters begin searching through the wardrobes for a Halloween costume for Jericho (a lobster doesn’t receive a positive reaction from Dorothy so Sean chooses one instead). He doesn’t feel well because he thinks the holiday encourages mischief.

Leanne keeps her favorite blade in her lap as she keeps a close eye on the CCTV cameras. She is adamant that the cult will soon assault and be nearby. To purge the cult of people who will mistreat her, she plans to dress up and attack first with her homeless group.

Naturally, Leanne goes overboard the night she successfully scares a few children into following her into the house. When Toby arrives, Leanne lets him follow her briefly while she makes her way down the street and tries to determine which people are cultists.

A man wearing a skull mask (the same one Toby was wearing) ultimately confronts Leanne and follows her before brandishing a knife. Leanne is prepared for them, but as she pushes him down and pulls his arm, awkwardly and painfully snapping it, it turns out it was only a youngster playing about.

Servant – Season 4 Episode 4 “boo”

Leanne looks to be in the background, laughing hysterically, as the street lights start to suddenly flicker out and burst. Uncle George is the bizarre man dressed as a ghost that we’ve been witnessing throughout the show. He introduces himself to Roscoe in the alley and says he’s concerned that Leanne’s disruption is spreading, but he’s optimistic that Roscoe will be willing to assist because “certain parts are in place” (referring to the Turner family).

Leanne walks back inside while giggling to herself and tells Sean she adores Halloween. Sean, though, has already decided what to do and confides in Dorothy that evening, telling her he’s ready to do whatever it takes to get rid of Leanne.

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The Episode Review

The cult has been painted as the evil people in this situation, but it may just be a false herring and Leanne is the real threat. It would therefore seem that Leanne is some type of agent of disruption.

The show itself, though, doesn’t truly include all that much information. Yes, the Halloween motif is a great touch, but the tale itself is really starting to drag, which is telling given that Servant has always had pacing issues. It appears that season 4 is unluckily doing the same. There will be plenty of drama as we prepare for the second half of this season, and I’m sure there will be a few more twists and turns along the road.


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