4 ways to give back to your community – even if money is tight right now

A lot of people are starting 2022 in a precarious financial situation. First, those who experienced income loss during the pandemic may not have fully recovered yet. Plus, inflation has been driving the cost of living upward in an extreme way. That’s been fueling a financial crunch for workers living paycheck to paycheck without money in savings to fall back on.

If your finances could use a lift, you may have to put the kibosh on extra spending until your circumstances improve. And that could mean scaling back your charitable donations. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a positive effect on your community. Here are four ways to give back without having to spend extra money and strain your finances.

Food insecurity remains a big issue on a national level, especially since monthly payments under the boosted Child Tax Credit have been off the table since the start of 2022. A good way to help is to spearhead a food drive. You can partner with a local food bank, organization, or place of worship and put the word out on social media you’re collecting grocery items for those in need.

Parks add a lot of value to communities and can be a haven for children and their stressed-out parents alike. A great way to give back is to round up some friends and do a major park cleanup. That doesn’t only mean removing trash. It could mean repainting benches and equipment and repairing walking trails that may have been damaged by winter storms.

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