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His name is John Franklyn Mars, and he is an American businessman and heir, born on October 15, 1935. Mars, Inc.’s chairman is him.


In the year 1935, John Franklyn Mars was born on this day in Brooklyn, NY. Father: Forrest Mars Sr.; mother: Audrey Ruth (Meyer); grandpa: Frank C.

Mars; father: Audrey Ruth (Meyer); grandfather: Frank C. Mars In 1953, Mars graduated from Lakeville, Connecticut’s Hotchkiss School and Yale University.


According to Forbes, he was the 52nd richest person in the world and the 26th richest person in the United States in September 2010 when his part of the Mars corporation and other assets totaled US$10 billion.

Mars is the 30th richest person in the world with a net worth of $20.1 billion as of October 2012.

He was ranked 28th on the Hurun Global Rich List 2015 with a net worth of US$26 billion. From $29 billion to the 19th richest man in the world in 2016, his fortune increased dramatically.

John Franklyn Mars Net Worth

For VCA, Inc, he paid $7.7 billion in January 2017.

The fact that she was the official chocolate supplier to the American Army during World War II gives you an idea of how ancient his company is.

For the past fifteen years, John Mars has been one of the world’s richest persons thanks to this money. At one point, he was the third richest person on the planet.

Value of The Net

John Mars has a net worth of around $42 billion. The Mars Chocolate Group’s chairman is John Mars. There are many billionaires in his family, and you may be astonished to learn that he’s not the only one!

He and his family have a fortune in excess of $100 billion. He is also known as the “Chocolate King” by many people. It is one of the world’s largest privately held corporations.

About a century and a half ago, he and his family started making chocolates.

Last year, his company’s revenue was over $80 billion, and its net profit was approximately $40 billion. Every year, he receives dividends of two to three billion dollars from his company.

When Berkshire Hathaway acquired a two-percent stake in his company, he made $801 million.

In addition to chocolate, he has attempted to develop his business in the medical field as well. About $8 billion was paid last year for a major US hospital chain he acquired.

John Franklyn Mars Net Worth

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He resides in a house that is estimated to be worth about $80 million. With his three private jets, he doesn’t have to drive. Stay tuned for a closer look at the celebs’ lives.

Life in The Private Sphere

In June 1958, he married Adrienne Bevis. Linda Anne Mars was born on May 23, 1960; Frank Edward Mars was born on March 13, 1963; and Michael John Mars was born on November 22, 1967. (age 54).

As of this writing, he is a resident of Jackson in Wyoming. From 2010 to 2014, Mars was the highest-ranking individual whose photograph was not available for use in Forbes’ rankings of personal wealth.

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