Kurt Hugo Schneider Net Worth: Income of This Famous Celebrity This Year!

As a musician, songwriter, and video editor, Kurt Hugo Schneider (born September 7, 1988) is most known for his work on the video-sharing website YouTube.

He’s worked with artists like Sam Tsui, who is well-known on YouTube, to create music videos.

As a Child

The artist Laurie S. Auth and the mathematician Michael Schneider were proud parents of Kurt Hugo Schneider, who was born in Baltimore.

He was born and raised in the Philadelphia neighborhood of Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, where he first met Sam Tsui in middle school. They both went to Wissahickon High School after they graduated. He was the valedictorian of his class.

The Digital Media Center for the Arts at Yale University is where Schneider got his start making movies while he was a student there. He was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa in 2010 after graduating with a degree in mathematics.

An Expert Shopper

Kurt Hugo Schneider Net Worth

When he was a student, Urt was an enthusiastic producer. In high school, he worked with Sam Sus. Additionally, we collaborated with Sake to create an online product line.

While reading at the university, they heard a noise. We have collaborated with a variety of people on numerous projects, and each time we came up with something better.

We’ve also helped a lot of artists by giving them a better focus on the YouTube platform. He’d previously created a video that featured several optical illusions that the audience loved, making it a particularly surreal one.

For him, her incredible achievement opened a new vista of possibilities. We appeared on Sрrah’s Wnfrеy Show, llеn DеGеnеrеs Show, and on the official website of Britney Spears.

In addition to making music videos with other artists, Schneider has also collaborated with other musicians to produce music videos.

Miley Cyrus’s “Baby” is parodied in a Starcraft-themed video with Husky and Christina Grimmie’s “Just a Dream” is the most-viewed video on “KurtHugoSchneider” (over two hundred million views). He has also imitated Rebecca Black’s iconic “Friday” with his own version known as “Void Rays”.

Tiffany Alvord and Matisse cooperated on a Taylor Swift medley, and he and Tiffany Alvord worked together on a Rihanna medley. Allison Williams, who is now an actor, was a collaborator on a few of his earlier videos.

His work with Max Schneider (who is not related) is well-documented: he directed medleys for Schneider and Victoria Justice to Bruno Mars songs and to Maroon 5 songs as well as a Christmas song.

As part of Cody Simpson’s album Paradise, he co-wrote the song “Standing In China” with Schneider. Tsui and other Yale students were cast in a musical admissions video that Schneider helped make as an associate producer.

Intangible Assets

There are several ways for Kurt Hugo Schneider to make money. There are more than 9 million subscribers to his YouTube channel. There is no doubt about the popularity of this young musician as a result of this. The YouTuber has been active for nearly a decade.

His net worth as of May 2022 stands at just over $6 million. His YouTube channel is his primary source of income, but he has also made a fortune as a songwriter and musician. He worked with Coca-Cola in 2013 and made a lot of money from it.

Kurt Hugo Schneider is currently in the early stages of his profession, yet he’s already a household name. He’s going to be a legend in the music industry.

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Private Sphere of Existence

Kurt Hugo Schneider Net Worth

His father’s side of the family is German and Austrian. Schubert’s older sister is a classically trained piano performer.

Patty Ho, Schneider’s girlfriend of five years, proposed to him in August 2019. In September of the following year, they exchanged vows and began their life together as husband and wife.


He’s received a slew of accolades for his fantastic work, including the title of 2018’s most-anticipated Yusuba musician. In addition, he was named the 2015 Young Musician of the Year.

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To demonstrate the depth and breadth of his experience, we may point to his collaborations with industry luminaries such as Јuѕtіn Віеbеr, Маrооn 5, and А.R Rаhmаn, all of whom demonstrate his authenticity.

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