Larry Page Net Worth

PageRank was conceived by Google co-founder Larry Page, who is best known as an online entrepreneur and computer prodigy.

Larry has served as Google’s CEO twice and is currently the CEO of Alphabet Inc., Google’s parent company. Larry has a long history with Google.

Earliest Years

In East Lansing, Michigan, Larry Page was born to Carl and Gloria Page on March 26, 1973.

He grew up in a house full of computer science periodicals thanks to his parents, who were both professors in the subject. When he was just 12 years old, he decided to start his own business.

He was a high school graduate of East Lansing High School in 1991.

He graduated from the University of Michigan with a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering and later earned a master’s degree in computer science from Stanford University.


Larry Page Net Worth

In 1995, Larry Had the Pleasure of Meeting Sergey Brin, a Fellow Stanford Researcher Working on A Similar Subject.

‘back Rub,’ the First Search Engine Built by Larry and Sergey in 1996, Ran Exclusively on Stanford Computers for Several Months.

A $100,000 Contribution from Andy Bechtolsheim, the Co-Founder of Sun Microsystems, Was a Significant Part of Their Decision to Move Through with Their Plan.

In 1998, the Firm Was Founded and The Name Was Changed to Google, Which It Still Uses Today. at That Time, the Other Executives Were Promoted to Executive Vice Presidents for Technology and Products, and Eric Schmidt Was Named Ceo.

Orkut, a Social Networking Site, and Google Desktop Search Were Added to The Site in 2004. Then, Later that Year, They Held an Ipo, Which Made Them Millionaires Instantly. Google Reader, Google Maps, Blogger Mobile, and Even YouTube Were All Released in 2005.

With China Mobile and Salesforce.Com, Google Announced a Deal in 2007 that Made Google’s Educational Programmes Available in Kenya and Rwanda for Free to Students in The Two Countries.

Google Sites, the Most Recent Version of Google Earth, Was Released in 2008, While Google Latitude, the Next Edition, Was Released in 2009, Along with Google Ventures.

Larry Page Was Named Ceo and Eric Schmidt Was Named Executive Chairman in 2011 After Developing the Google Apps Marketplace in 2010.

Net Worth & Salary for Larry in 2022

Lаrrу Sаgе Nеt Wоrth Is Estimated to Be $55 Billion as Of May 2022. Over the Years, He’s Been a Consistent Figure on Lists of The World’s Top Ten Richest People. The Source of The Lara Croft Saga Network Worth Millions Is the Earnings from The Slphаbеt Nс.,

Which Is the Parent Company of Gооglе. Lрhаbеt Inc.’s 2017 Revenue Was $110 Billion, but The Company’s Total Assets Are Estimated to Be $190 Billion.

Google Inc. Co-Founder Larry Page Gets a Base Salary of $1 per Year. Since the Company Went Public in 2004, Age Has Received an Annual Salary of Just $1.

Private Sphere

Marissa Mayer Was Larry’s Girlfriend for A Brief Period of Time. Larry Married a Scientist, Lucinda Southworth, in 2007. Two Children Are in The Family.

Larry Page Is Afflicted with A Rare Medical Disease that Has Rendered His Voice Chords Useless. Research on Vocal Chord Problems Has Received $20 Million in Donations from Him. Car Victor Page Memorial Fund Also Handed Larry $15 Million Towards the Ebola Crisis.

A Lavish Lifestyle

The Home’s Appraised Value Is $8 Million.

Despite the fact that He Is Ceo of One of The World’s Most Valuable Corporations, Google Ceo Larry Page Lives in A Humble Home. There Are Six Bedrooms and Six Bathrooms in The 8,149-Square-Foot Palo Alto Home He Owns. About Seven Million Dollars Was Paid for The House by Page in 2005.

Larry Page Net Worth

Feels the Boat:

The High-End Expedition Yacht “senses” Was Added to The List of Google Co-Founder Larry Page’s Possessions in January 2011. Known New Zealand Businessman Sir Douglas Meyers Sold the 193-Foot Yacht for Just About Us$45 Million.

Jets for The Rich and Famous:

Known as A Boeing 767-200, the Google Jet Belongs to Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the Company’s Co-Founders. Back in September of 2005, They Paid About $ 15 Million to Qantas for The Jet.

The Plane Originally Had a Seating Capacity of 180, but It Was Reduced to 50 Seats After the Modifications.


Lotus Exige – a Luxury Sports Car that Costs $40,000.


As a result of His Ingenuity and Imagination, the Man Behind Google’s Most Powerful Search Engine Should Be Given Recognition for His Contributions to The Online Community.

He has been recognized as a worldwide leader of the future, a top innovator, and the recipient of multiple Google awards.

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Other distinctions include a Communication Award from King Felipe, an honorary doctorate from the University of Michigan, Honorary Citizenship from Italy, and the most daring CEO award.