Natalie Wynn Net Worth

In addition to being a well-known YouTuber, Natalie Wynn (born on October 21, 1988) is a model and actress. She currently lives in Arlington, Virginia, United States of America.

YouTuber and director are known for her hilarious and instructional videos on topics such as gender, race, politics, and social justice, posted under the username ContraPoints on the video-sharing website YouTube.


This is Natalie Wynn’s birth date: Friday, October 21, 1988. (Millennials Generation). Her zodiac sign is Libra, and she’s 33 years old. Transgender identity is something she’s openly discussed on her YouTube channel.

When she was a student at Northwestern University, she used philosophy, sociology, and personal experience to explain, and often refute, typical alt-right, classical liberal, and conservative talking points in her videos.

Currently, we do not have any information about the educational background of the candidate. To stay up to date, please visit this page again in the future. Natalie Wynn is a member of the Forbes list of the world’s wealthiest YouTubers and celebrities.


In 2008, Wynn began posting YouTube videos critiquing religion and her own beliefs as an atheist and skeptic. Controversial events like the Gamergate incident and a growing number of right-wing YouTube personalities prompted her to launch the ContraPoints channel in 2016.

Wynn uses philosophy and personal tales in her films to critique conservative, classical liberal, alt-right, and fascist talking points as well as explain left-wing concepts.

With a hostile but light-hearted tone, Wynn’s videos generally feature sexual themes and dark and surreal humor. She frequently plays characters that argue with one another in order to convey ideas.

Her videos have garnered praise for their attention-grabbing aesthetics, which include dramatic lighting, lavish costumes, and a general sense of vibrancy.

“If conservatives were going to label me a drag queen anyway, I might as well “be the most lavish drag queen on YouTube,” she quipped in an interview in 2019.

” While Wynn’s YouTube channel creates an image of being “blithe, snobbish, extravagant, and scornful,” she “can be earnest—and she cares deeply—almost too much,” Katherine Cross, an interviewer for The Verge in 2018, explains in an interview.

Funding for Wynn’s video channel comes from Patreon, where he has been one of the site’s top 20 creators. About 14,000 Patreon backers backed Wynn in February 2021

Natalie Wynn’s Wealth and Income

Natalie Wynn, a Well-Known You Tuber, Has a Net Worth of $1-5 Million at The Age of 30, According to Publications Like Wikipedia, Forbes, I’m Db and Others. She Was Able to Make This Money as A Professional You Tuber. She Hails from The State of Virginia.

She Is Recognised for Her Moody, Slickly Lit YouTube Videos, Which Have Attracted a Lot of Attention from Viewers. Structural Racism, Marxism, and Transgender Politics Are Topics She Frequently Discusses.

One of YouTube’s Most Popular B-List Transsexuals Is Natalie, According to Her Own Self-Promotion. to Discover More About Her and The Work She’s Done, We Can Go to Her Official Website.

Her YouTube Videos Have Been a Major Part of How She’s Been Able to Acquire so Much Money. an Estimated $10.6 K to $169.4 K Is What Natalie Earns Each Year According to Social Blade, Which Estimates Natalie’s Daily Earnings at Between $29 and $471 and Her Monthly Earnings at $882 to $14.1,000.

Both on YouTube and On Live, Natalie Has Made a Sizable Amount of Money for Herself. when You Know how Well She’s Doing, You Might Remark that She Has a Comfortable Lifestyle.

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Other Earnings Opportunities

Natalie Wynn, Better Known by Her Stage Name Contra Points, Has yet To Divulge Her Net Worth, Which Is Likely in The Millions. Her Principal Source of Money Has Already Been Examined; Now Let’s Learn More About Her Other Sources of Revenue.

Natalie Wynn Net Worth

If You Live in The United States, You Can Support Her Channel by Becoming a Patreon. According to Her Patreon Profile, She Offers Three Different Levels of Membership.

Distinguished Enabler, Mysterious Benefactor, and Commendable Non-Freeloader Are the Three Membership Levels Available, Each Costing $2 a Month.

Natalie Has Her Own Brand of Clothing and Accessories for Both Adults and Children. Stickers and Magnets Are Also Available for Purchase. Her Products Ranges in Price from $4.5 to $30, Which Is neither Inexpensive nor Costly.

Personal Life

Her Movies Show a Lot of Footage of Wynn as A Transgender Woman, and She Began Her Transition in 2017. She Used to Identify as Transgender.

Feminist and Democratic socialist are two labels she has used to describe herself. For Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in the 2020 Democratic primary, she voted for them.

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She currently resides in Baltimore, Maryland, where she has been since 2017. Her video “Shame” came revealed as a lesbian in 2020.