Sanela Diana Jenkins Net Worth: How Rich Is This Person in 2022 !

Her name is Sanela Diana Jenkins, a Bosnian-American entrepreneur, and philanthropist who was born in 1973.

She currently resides in the state of California. After fleeing Sarajevo during the siege, Jenkins enrolled at City University, London, where she received a master’s degree.

How Did Sanela Diana Jenkins’ Childhood Go?

Born in Sarajevo in 1973, Diana Jenkins is also known by her stage name, Sanela Dijana Ati. When she was born, her parents were middle-class.

As a child, her father was an economist and her mother was a CPA. Typical of communist Yugoslavia, the family resided in a cramped concrete apartment building.

Serb troops assassinated his younger sister Diana. Diana was a University of Sarajevo economics student at the time of his death. After an attack on Sarajevo in April 1992, she was forced to flee the country. The conflict was sparked by the demise of Yugoslavia. By December of 1995, the war had come to a close.

Having fled to Croatia as a refugee, Jenkins eventually settled in London, England, where he now lives. After a two-year break, she was able to return to City University London to complete her undergraduate degree.

Analyzing numbers doesn’t need fluency in English, therefore Diana made a wise option to concentrate on math. She aspired to earn a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Economics, preferably with high honors.

There were numerous Yugoslavian refugees who were granted temporary citizenship during this period, but Diana was granted permanent citizenship due to her excellent academic record and the fact that she never required government assistance.

I’d Like to Know how She Began Her Profession.

Sanela Diana Jenkins Net Worth

After graduating from college, Diana worked a variety of jobs in London to save up enough money to open her own showroom.

The Melissa Odabash swimsuit brand was created by Diana and Melissa Odabash, who worked together to capitalize on the store’s renown. Many celebrities, such as Kate Moss, Elle Macpherson and Heidi Klum, became fans of the swimwear line. As a result, Diana remains a shareholder in the company.

Neuro Drinks was founded by Sanela Diana Jenkins, a nutritionist, and entrepreneur. Unlike sugary sodas and caffeinated coffee beverages, Neuro Drinks claims to be a healthy alternative.

Customers can buy supplements to help them relax and unwind as well as products to help them stay healthy. Sanela serves as the company’s CEO and Chairwoman.

The Total Net Worth of Diana Jenkins Is Unknown at This Time.

Sarajevo-based billionaire Sanela Diana Jenkins has an estimated net worth of $300 million. As a human rights crusader and the proprietor of a profitable beverage company, Sanela Diana Jenkins has gained a worldwide reputation.

When the 12th season premiered on May 11, 2022, Diana Jenkins was introduced as a new cast member.

Life at Home

Her spouse Roger “Big Dog” Jenkins was the first person she met and had a relationship with. Between the two of them, there was around a 23-year age difference.

In addition to being a well-known businessman and former athlete, Roger was previously dubbed the “highest-paid banker in the United Kingdom” (as per Dirt).

Despite the fact that they had wed in 1999, the marriage was only able to last for 12 years before they split in 2011. She has two children with Roger, Innis, and Enya Jenkins, and a toddler daughter, Eliyanah, with Asher.

He’s her boyfriend

Sanela Diana Jenkins Net Worth

Despite the fact that it’s unknown when or how Diana and Asher Monroe (the singer-songwriter, producer, and actor) started dating, rumors persist that the two are engaged.

The 48-year-old entrepreneur and the 33-year-old singer and actor had known one other for a decade and even had a child together.

For the public, media, and even social media, there has been no key to their connection that they have shared jointly.


As a result of his work with the Elton John AIDS Foundation, Elton John bestowed the Enduring Vision Award on Sanela in 2012.

In the same year, the Hague Institute for Innovation of Law named her one of the “World’s Top Three Justice Innovators.”

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For her patriotism, Sanela was honored in 2013 when she received the Isa-beg Ishakovi Award.

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