A Hilarious Fashion Show Video Shows Mariah Carey’s Twins Competing ‘No Kids Were Harmed’

Despite the fact that Mariah Carey’s twins are no strangers to the limelight, it appears like they are having a great time in it. Carrie Carey’s two children with ex-husband Nick Cannon were the stars of Saturday’s social media posts after she posted a video of the two of them competing.

Twins, 11 years old, walk the runway on a red carpet in front of a live audience as they show off their fashion sense. A brawl eventually breaks out when the two vie for visibility amidst the clapping and camera flashes as genuine runway naturals do.

The video begins with Monroe standing in front of her brother, causing a scuffle that ends with the twins being separated by security. Mariah even joins in on the fun by pretending to be surprised that her children would be fighting in any situation. Her post is full of wit, from the title through the caption:

A Hilarious Fashion Show Video Shows Mariah Carey's Twins Competing 'No Kids Were Harmed'

As far as I know, no children were hurt while creating this video. Carey celebrated a major milestone for her daughter last summer. For the OshKosh B’Gosh back-to-school campaign, Today Is Someday, Monroe modeled with Mariah Carey, Muhammad Ali, and Outkast.

Mariah Carey’s No wonder Monroe wanted to grab the reins, but it appears that Moroccan had other ideas.’ One fan saw the connection to Carey’s famous “Heartbreaker” video where she battles her own doppelganger while wearing brown hair in the comments section.

A Hilarious Fashion Show Video Shows Mariah Carey's Twins Competing 'No Kids Were Harmed'

When it comes to her children, Carey frequently uses the hashtag #demkids to emphasize the closeness of their relationship.

Ex-husband Nick Cannon  Moroccan and Monroe lent a hand in creating the video for her holiday single, “Fall in Love at Christmas.” Onscreen, the twins can be seen delivering a hug to their famous mother in an endearing gesture.

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