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After the Adultery Scandal, Jersey Shore Fans Call Angelina Pivarnick a “liar” for Denied Having Sex with Luis Caballero

After the adultery scandal, Jersey Shore fans call Angelina Pivarnick a "liar" for denied having sex with Luis Caballero

The romance was revealed by 29-year-old Luis on tonight’s episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. After denying having sex with the Mexican reality star and telling her pal Deena, 35, that they “didn’t do anything,” Angelina, 36, made the admission. But thirty minutes later, while Angelina was still seated with Deena, Luis Facetimed her.

Using the phone, the skeptic buddy questioned him, “Did you and Angelina ever have sex?” Angelina sprinted to the room’s corner while yelling, “F**k my life!” But Luis was honest, saying, “It’s not sex; it’s making love.” Angelina had lied to her pal, and shocked fans vented their wrath on Twitter.

One person said, “It’s crazy that Angelina lied to Deena’s face. Deena was mentioned by another person who wrote: “She lied to you about not hooking up with Luis.” A third person said, “I honestly can’t believe Angelina is real. Deena expressed her annoyance by saying, “I frickin’ knew it, she had sex with freakin’ Luis, and she lied to me about it, that b***h,” in a confessional.

‘cuddled’ We Angelina revealed more about her relationship with Luis when she opened up to Deena, saying: “I just liked the attention I was getting. He elevated my sense of worth. However, when Deena questioned: “You never hooked up with him?” Angelina categorically denied going all the way.


“We didn’t do anything, I swear to God. We cuddled, and I felt really loved—it was a first for me. Luis admitted that they had sex, but he also admitted to Deena that he really cares about her friend. The MTV Spain personality declared, “I genuinely like her and I want to take care of her.” When she heard his sincere apology, Angelina was spotted covering her mouth with her palm while blushing.

Unfaithful Before Her Husband Filed for Divorce in January, Sources Exclusively Confirmed to The Sun in February that Angelina Slept with Luis While They Were Both Filming an International Show in Spain. Chris apparently learned that Angelina had cheated on him with the co-star after the celebrity returned to New Jersey and left their home right away.

The Sun was the first to disclose that Chris was apparently aware of Angelina’s prior sexy relationship with Joe Tarallo, 33, a resident of New Jersey. The source maintained that the spouse was driven over the brink by the latest cheating allegations.

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