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Amanda Bynes and Paul Michael Call It Quits on Their Engagement, but Their Passion Lives On

Amanda Bynes and Paul Michael call it quits on their engagement, but their passion lives on

Their commitment has been terminated, but not the feeling, according to Amanda Bynes and Paul Michael. Michael and the singer, who said she planned to marry the children in February 2020, reportedly ended their engagement “at some time in 2021,” according to a source who spoke with ET. Lawyer David A. Esquibias was approached by ET, but he did not have anything to say.

“They are still attached as a couple, but they have placed a respite on their commitment and wedding planning,” the source explains. Even though they’ve been through a lot of ups and downs, “they still love one another and are committed to one another.”

ET’s source said that Bynes and Michael “are still in a committed relationship and treat their romance in a serious way” despite putting a hold on their wedding plans.

Paul Michael “They wear rings now to indicate their unwaveringness to one another and as a picture of growing and maturing together,” the insider explains, “although the rings aren’t everything to them.”

After completing their commitment, the source claims that Bynes and Michael, who have collaborated on numerous melodies, are “busy, yet at the same time buckling down together.”

Amanda has a flawless appearance and has endured a great deal of hardship to become the remarkable woman she is today.” As a result of her hard work, the insider says, she has been “killing it”

for as long as anyone can remember. As the saying goes, “Paul is doing excellently at graduate school after spending several years working in health care.

In March 2020, just a month after Bynes announced her dedication to sobriety, the two briefly split. This revelation came as a shock to ET, who learned that Michael had canceled the pre-marital ceremony.

Amanda Bynes, on the other hand, posted a picture of herself and Michael on Instagram with the caption “My Love” just one day after new information about their breakup emerged.

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