Amy Slaton, Star of ‘the 1000-Lb Sisters,’ Gave Birth to Her Second Child with Husband Michael Halterman

I’m a mother of two! Amy Slaton, star of 1000-Lb Sisters, and her husband Michael Halterman welcomed their second child. The new parents welcomed a baby boy and revealed the baby’s name, which is a boy.

‘Welcome Glenn Allen Halterman’ Amy, 34, wrote in an Instagram post on July 8th. Gage and Glenn met for the first time in a heartwarming photo shared by his mother.

It was revealed in an interview with People that Glenn was born on July 5 via c-section, weighing 5 lbs. 11 oz., and standing 17.5 inches tall at the time of his birth.

“At long last, the wait is over… We are delighted to share with you that our son, Glenn Allen Halterman, has been born,” Amy said in a statement. Now that I have both of my miracle sons, our family is complete, the delivery was a huge success!

Amy Slaton, star of 'The 1000-lb Sisters,' gave birth to her second child with husband Michael Halterman

On June 20, Amy shared a pregnancy update via Instagram, posting a series of photos that explained her pregnancy’s current status. That particular baby’s head of lettuce-like stature was captured in an image.

She captioned the picture, “15 more days until I get to hold my baby boy!!!” she wrote. As recently as April 4, the reality TV star shared a picture of the baby’s crib on Instagram and hinted at its name.

Amy Slaton “I can’t believe it has already been 25 weeks!” My little boy will be here in 13 weeks! There isn’t a name for him yet,” Amy stated on Instagram. “However, we have a short list of candidates in mind and will select one when he arrives. Of course, the match-gag factor is a major source of anxiety. Lol.”

Besides posting updates on social media, the TLC performer also announced her pregnancy with Michael Halterman, 39, on Instagram in January.

This summer, Gage will become a full-fledged older sibling. My due date is July 18th!!! To say the least, we’re ecstatic.” That’s what Gage was wearing when Amy posted a picture of him with the caption “I’m going to be a big brother in 2022.

Amy Slaton, star of 'The 1000-lb Sisters,' gave birth to her second child with husband Michael Halterman

” After the baby was born, she posted a YouTube video of her gender reveal celebration, in which she disclosed the baby’s gender.

star of 1000-Lb Sisters,  In a video, she posted to YouTube in February 2021, she provided more details about her experience as a first-time mother, stating that she had a high-risk pregnancy due to her diabetes and that she had gastric bypass surgery prior to getting pregnant.

When asked why she wanted to have the baby so soon, Amy responded, “Before I turn 35.” They met in high school, and in March of this year, they were married in a ceremony in Nashville. Gage was born in November 2020.

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